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Andrew Huang has written a song with a horse.

Andrew Huang on MetaFilter previously, previously, and previously.
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I can’t tell you how much I needed this today. Thank you.
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Gonna take my horse to my casio/Gonna play till his lips get sore

(this is super)
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This is truly delightful!
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Then there's the actual Horslips if you're hankering for some Celtic prog rock.
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Andrew Huang has also written a song about snails, and fifteen year later I'm still compelled to tell you about it.

(Sorry for the crappy youtube rehost, but the original link requires flash)
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First comment on YouTube : "He's got the horses in the track" followed by "Horse track is attached"

And, I'm going to have that jaunty little melody in my head all day.
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Kudos to him, horses are notoriously difficult to learn to play.
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A couple more previouslies!
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Look at his horse, his horse is amazing!
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This was such fun. I loved watching his process and then the huuuuuge payoff at the end of a fun little horse lips ditty--Great!
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Horselips!!!!! That was fabulous thank you....
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