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Mashup of Salt 'n' Pepa with The Stooges! This is similar to the recently popular mashup of Destiny's Child's "Bootylicious" + Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit."
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The earlier clip is just a small segment of an awesome, crazy Mashup mix by the fellows from Soulwax called 2 Many DJs. In addition to the aformentioned, they mix CeeLo and the Breeders, Kylie Minogue and EL&P, Dolly Parton and Royksopp, and many others. Top 40 mixed with obscure gems, all thrown together into a 60+ minute (sorry, import only at this time) mix. Super fun, though.

For those further into crazy audio pairings, check out the new Kid 606 The Action Packed Mentallist Brings You The Fucking Jams or DJ Rupture's Gold Teeth Thief. Gabba trashings of your favorite (and not) songs. Wheeeee.
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I don't see the appeal of these mixes. It's not even new music, made from samples, it's some schmuck taking credit for mixing two songs together. Sorry, but that's hardly impressive.

A nice novelty, though.
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One, two.
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Yet another reason to avoid pop music.
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I've been in love with all forms of house/trance/hip-hop/techno/whatever you want to label "dance music" for about 16 years. I respect good DJing as an artform, and I don't think they "just fade songs together for an hour". I marveled at Sasha mixing Madonna's "Vogue" and Young MC's "Know How" on New Year's Eve 91/92, Kaos, Leeds Warehouse.

In other words, I think I'm supposed to like this sort of stuff. I don't. I think it's crap.

It's Jive Bunny for a new generation.
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hgfdshdfs BRILLIANT
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Tons of mash ups at You can dismiss it, but it's having a bit of an impact on dance music, and the mainstream charts.

FYI, the (Belgian) Soulwax brothers are in a succesful band (Friends of dEUS and Zita Swoon.) The mixing stuff is a side gig, but it's possibly making them more famous. Their 2manyDJs album is party disc of the year over here in Yerp.
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SiW - wow, my sister was there too! sasha has never fully recovered from the slating he received for playing pop-music that night, at least not in my sister's mind.
i have been reading the history of cut'n'paste in 'big daddy' magazine. it seems the technique harks back to the 1950's at least. it forms the roots of much of disco and hip-hop (see The Latin Rascals, Chep Nunez, Danny Krivit), when the mechanical technique of tape-slicing was utilised to provide a whole new world of studio-based creativity.
the 'sugarbabes' thing that was in the uk charts recently was a concatenation of a swing-beat (or r'n'b, or whatever you want to call it) number by Edwina (somebody) and 'are friends electic' by gary numan, origially released as girls on top - 'are freaks electric'. these things seem to go in cycles, or maybe it's all just stuff.
there is a certain thrill to be had by popping an acappella over the top of something seemingly inapropriate and hearing a musical event for the first time, when they marry perfectly. i imagine it is a subset of the thrill that someone like dj noize got when he first successfully performed 'two deck mix 3'.
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it's some schmuck taking credit for mixing two songs together

I dunno, seems like a natural extension of the kitchen-sink mentality of folks like A-Trak, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist to me (anyone remember the hilarious Sinatra/Zeppelin moment on "Lesson 6"?). Bringing weird elements together and seeing what leaks out of the gap still seems like a great idea to me, even if some folks are more gimmicky about it than others.
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nb. it's adina howard 'freak like me', not edwina (somebody). not that i expect anyone to have lost any sleep over that error, it's just fyi.
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