Photographs From Above by JP and Mike Andrews
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UK based-brothers JP and Mike Andrews began taking aerial photographs of the Earth after a year-long trip experiencing the incredible landscapes found in the Australian Outback. Using a drone, the pair have continued to capture natural and manmade scenes across the world, stumbling upon unique patterns that can only be discerned from above. (Instagram feed)
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Wow, these are breathtaking. The road in Dubai almost woven with the wave-like sand, does a great job on bringing my eyes and mind to focus on them abstractly and sort of lose what they are. The road just appears swept so clean in between each wave of sand. Neat perspective flip.
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The camel reminded me of this.
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These are fantastic, thanks!
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I think some of these may be relevant to barchan's interests :)
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the city skyline appearing in the shadow cast by the container ship was incredible.

its weird to have positive thoughts about drones.
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These are lovely. We have so much aerial imagery of this type now, we're a long way from when Yann Arthus-Bertrand was snapping film from a precariously piloted ultralight. My favorite is Daily Overview which is cherrypicking other people's images, various satellite and Google Earth sources.

We need more specific words than "drones". Drones are the creepy things that kill people with remote rockets. How about "flying camera"?
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These are stunning. I want some of the prints!
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Anobody else play Civilization VI? This one gave me an incredible urge to go build some districts.
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