Matthew Dear - "Bunny's Dream"
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Matthew Dear - "Bunny's Dream" // A delightfully psychedelic music video for Matthew Dear from NYC-based Sam Rolfes (previously)., where he controls the characters and camera all at once.

"This performance was created by Sam Rolfes puppetting the two characters and the camera all at once in VR. Each character was controlled by a hand floating them through low gravity and the camera was Rolfes’ view during the performance. The motion was executed in one take, and created within a game engine using Rolfes’ real-time animation process."
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Cool video! I worked as a summer camp counselor with Matt Dear a million years ago when we were in high school and college and his ongoing coolness and success never ceases to delight me.
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It just looked so bad and hokey at first but damn did it escalate. All those varied landscapes! The plotting of the camera movement! The sense of scale at certain points!
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Wow, very weird and cool! I think I was in the exact perfect frame of mind to watch this just now.
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