"I laid on my roommate’s bed, convinced I was salami."
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Many cannabis users claim that edibles have a much stronger effect than inhaled weed, and there may be a pharmacological reason for it. Whatever the cause, there are many stories of edibles gone wrong.
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omg my friend in Denver gave me a (legal!) edible and like 100 hours later we were getting kicked out of a Hello Kitty Friendship Festival because we were sitting in the bleachers cackling and the show was totally over.

(a HKFF is just a bunch of photo set-ups and unexceptional merch. The edibles livened things up considerably, although I was sure we were going to die at some point. Luckily I was wrong.)
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Ha. I wish edibles had an effect. I was vacationing in a legal location, so I thought I'd give it a try. 3 different kinds of edibles, 4 days, starting with 10mg and ending with 40mg, and zero effect. I gave up and went back to wine.
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I don't trust the dosing on edibles to yield reliable effects so I avoid them. When I'm inhaling a thing, I can titrate better.
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This makes me feel a lot better about what I think was a psychotic break I had when I was in my mid-20’s. I was staying at my parent’s house shortly after my dad died, helping my mom with all the hard stuff that comes along with a dead spouse, and she told me to help myself to the pot brownies in the freezer.

Normally I wouldn’t have taken her up on the offer. I had a really fraught relationship with weed growing up in a house where my parents grew and bought weed, and as an anxious kid I worried all the time about them being arrested. There were many near misses and stories they thought were hilarious about almost being caught. This is a small town of 3,000 people where every arrest is printed in the newspaper and gossiped about. My mom also once bought pot off the girl that I had a huge crush on in high school in front of the school, which is still therapy fodder, but I digress into my bitterness of being raised by an irresponsible pothead with no boundaries.

Anyway, I had a brownie at the end of a long, mentally hard day. And I laid awake, paralyzed, for the next 10 hours going into deep shame spirals about how everything about my upbringing was deeply bizarre, how embarrassing the shabby house my dad renovated and built on to, how our family was pathetic and trashy and how I was a deeply awkward loser. It was like being bullied by a thousand voices. I felt like I was being flayed alive. That feeling of deep shame and embarrassment from that night is dredged up often.

It actually helps to hear other people’s stories but for me I don’t look back at it and laugh. It makes my skin crawl. I’m sensitive to medications and so it makes sense high THC weed fucks me up (ultra low THC with high CBD strains has been good for my anxiety though). Living on the west coast and seeing all the edibles for sale stresses me out, though they do claim to have dosage information, something my mom’s brownies certainly didn’t.

My partner is like tavella. She has eaten many doses of an edible at one go and not felt a thing. She isn’t into being high anyway but she tried it on a doctor’s recommendation for pain relief, to her the week she tried a bunch was just a very expensive way to eat some confections.
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One of my roommates in college made a cake, and as he was going out warned me, "don't eat any, there's weed in it." I was studying, and left it alone for a while, then it occurred to me he may have said that to keep me from eating any. And how bad could a small piece be? So I had a little piece, and two hours later... no effect. So I had some more, probably about a quarter of the cake, still nothing an hour later.

They tell me when they got home, I was buzzing around the apartment like a pinball, asking the TV and the radio "Where's the Hertz?" and asking them who hired them and what for. The told me they took me outside and threw a tennis ball for me and the dog to chase until I was sleepy. I remembered none of this the next day, but my notebook was filled with gibberish, not even random letters just letter-like symbols.

I wish I still had that notebook, but it was lost in moving.
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I had one and a half pot gummies; for an hour and a half I feel nothing, and then suddenly I'm sobbing my eyes out with HGTV on silent. Much more crying ensued. I am told that I said something like "I cannot meaningfully consent right now" in bed.

I was lucky that we started on Saturday afternoon and I was back to normal by Monday morning.
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Weed tends to make me anxious generally, so I don't use it. But my partner has trouble sleeping sometimes and I like doing fun things with food, so I enjoy baking edibles for her. It does, however, sometimes make me sad that I can't eat them because I can tell that I've just made something fucking delicious.

So a couple of years ago I made her a batch of red velvet cupcakes and every night she would eat half of one and fall asleep. On around night three she says to me, "These are really super-mild." So I figure it's probably safe to eat a little; I have a quarter of one and we go to bed.

Here is a question that I wish that I had asked myself before trying that cupcake: If my partner falls asleep immediately after eating the cupcakes, how the fuck would she know if they're mild or not?

So at 2:30 AM I wake up and I am having, I am quite certain, a heart attack. I have completely forgotten that I have eaten anything laced with marijuana, but I am experiencing stabbing pains in my chest that are radiating throughout my body. I go to the emergency room and the doctors take my situation very seriously until they get to the part where they ask if I've taken any drugs and I suddenly remember that I had in fact eaten a quarter of a weed cupcake.

The doctor rolls his eyes, has the nurse bring me an Ativan and tells me to sit quietly. That quarter of a cupcake ended up costing me over $500 in medical expenses.

Lesson learned, I figure that I'm too much of a lightweight to handle these cupcakes. About a week later I run into one of my friends to whom I had also given a couple of the cupcakes. She's a follower of Nate Dogg's entreaty that one should (hey hey heeeey-ay) smoke weed every day, so I hadn't thought that she would have any trouble. This story, it now becomes significant to note, took place during the government shutdown. My friend ate half a cupcake and decided that the shutdown was the first step in imminent total societal collapse, so she spent the evening packing all of her personal valuables into the car and trying to figure out where her husband should drive them to escape the massive riots and food shortages that were about to begin. I am told that he was indulgent but also firmly of the opinion that her assessment of the end of civilization was probably unfounded.

Long story short: I don't fuck with edibles no matter how delicious I suspect them to be, and I am wary of my partner's ability to accurately gauge weed potency.
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Had a drop of oil sublingually. Felt warm, normal floaty, then woke my partner up in the middle of the night convinced I would forget to breathe. I spent the rest of the night breathing manually. Also at some point I became a penguin (which was rad), then my hands were so large they didn’t fit in the bed (less rad). I also saw myself in childhood memories from a third-person perspective. Was nauseated and hung over for two days.

I don’t really mess with edibles anymore.
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The first batch of pot brownies I ever baked, I made the classic rookie mistake of eating one, getting annoyed when it didn’t kick in after an hour, eating another, and then having the joy of both of them kicking in simultaneously.

For some reason, I got it into my head that it would be a good idea to watch clips from old TV movies on YouTube while I rode it out. The night ended with me rocking back and forth hysterically and clutching my head while watching The Day After, wailing at my husband piteously about how I didn’t understand how this could have been a possibility. “Yes, Meghan, nuclear war is a very stupid idea,” he answered patiently as I repeatedly wibbled fragmented sentences along the lines or HOW COULD THEY? and NO! YOU DON’T KNOW! HOW COULD PEOPLE EVER THINK THIS WAS AN OPTION?, except less coherently.

I think he began to worry that I was under the impression that the events depicted in The Day After actually happened in the eighties. I wasn’t that far gone... I think.
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I gave up and went back to wine.

Have you tried huffing a nice fat oldskool d00bie?

It's like "I tried the kelp nutripaste, I guess seafood just isn't for me."
"TRY THE LOBSTER d00d1111!!"
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I usually keep a small package of 5mg candies around for hikes, and never have more than one in a day. As has been well documented in this thread, edibles can take you sideways for hour upon weird hour. At low doses, though, I love the body buzz and general sense of pleasantness.
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I had previously tried pot in joint form at a few parties, also worth no notable effect. And frankly even if it worked I'm not going to take up smoking just to get high. I like my lungs.
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I smoked weed like I was a roadie for Steel Pulse for almost 40 years and I could handle edibles OK. The times I got hyper anxious and had an unpleasant experience were mostly from smoking. After I quit, I kind of realized how much of the experience was that unpleasant part. YMMV.
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Edibles either have no effect on me (if I eat a normal amount) or get me VERY stoned for much longer than smoking/vaping (if I eat a LOT). There’s no happy middle ground. Though if I have 8 hours to dedicate to it and I know what’s going to happen, it can be a good time.
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LOL yeah I mean whose idea is it to actually sell edibles to people? I mean I’ve been toking up since I was 15 and even I don’t do edibles unless I’m like sick in bed or something. And yes, there is something about edibles that just make beginners freak right the fuck out. I think what happens is they want to get high but they don’t want to smoke anything, so they go for edibles not knowing they’re like 1000x stronger. Then they say some fucked up shit like they think they’re gonna die. Why do they always think they’re gonna die? Doesn’t matter how many times you tell them nobody dies from pot. Still they think they’re gonna die. I think weed does legit speed up your heart rate, and in high doses i think it makes some people more aware of their breathing, to where they think if they forget to breathe they’ll stop breathing?

Anyways, I’m all for legalization, like 1000%. But seriously, they should not be just selling edibles to people without telling them straight out that it’s essentially a different drug.

Also, we need to make people more aware of weed vapes and hash pens — much better options for nonsmokers.
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I could handle edibles OK

It could be that I never had anything as potent as the ones I hear about coming from dispensaries, I suppose
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I feel like the legalization of cannabis has opened up an opportunity for experienced heads to offer courses in How To Smoke Pot aimed at those of us whose big teenage rebellion consisted of switching to WHOLE milk.
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Smoking too much just makes me paranoid, and possibly keeps me up past my bedtime convinced everything is a Symbol of Something Else.

Eat the stuff though and I’m probably gonna be up all night and maybe have an out of body experience. I avoid edibles.
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The first batch of pot brownies I ever baked, I made the classic rookie mistake of eating one, getting annoyed when it didn’t kick in after an hour, eating another, and then having the joy of both of them kicking in simultaneously.

This was me, except instead of "eating another" read, "eating six more over the next two hours". Turns out they took about three hours to kick in, so that was fun.

To be honest, I found in future sessions that even two had a similar effect to seven (extremely dizzy, very slow reactions, a little anxious, quite a lot of time sitting on the floor staring mindlessly at a blank wall), while one had very little effect at all.

+1 for preferring vaping.
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I've smoked a few times and nothing.

In May, friends who were visiting from Colorado shared some of their gummies with me; or, rather, they shared PART of one of their gummies with me. They cut them into about four pieces to regulate the dosage a little, and I think I had even just part of that. Within an hour I had that floaty disconnected feeling I get from three cocktails and I was talking a lot, so I think that eating any more would have been a bad thing.

But that was pleasant, actually.
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I think my tolerance in general is high, but honestly the only dramatic thing abt my eating 3 pot brownies (nice small sized ones imo) at a go as my first foray into edibles is the horrified reaction from my friend after I told them, once I woke up. But it is stronger that I did get sleepy fwiw.
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Here’s a very relevant Ask MeFi question I asked not long ago. I find this study and these comments highly reassuring! Thanks for posting, Johnny W.
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I too have done the "it doesn't seem to be having an effect, I'd better eat more" thing when first trying edibles, and it was glorious. I was facing an overnight ride on a bus, and wanted something to help me sleep, so decided to try the newly-legal Canadian ready-to-eat oil they sell. It comes with a nifty little syringe so you can precisely measure the dosage. I swallowed three shots over three hours while sitting around in the bus station on layover. It finally took effect just as it was time to get on the bus, and I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. Then it seemed that somehow I'd gotten aboard the wrong craft, because what I was sitting in clearly appeared to be some kind of interstellar spacecraft, not much like a Greyhound bus at all really. We slid effortlessly through time and space for a while until I fell asleep, and then I guess the aliens must have transferred me back to the bus I was supposed to be on, because when I woke up we were in Winnipeg right on schedule. A pretty good way to travel, I recommend it.
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Edibles used to be a way to get high at all off of shitty, seedy 80s ditch weed. Now that pot is being grown and sold by mad scientists, I won't touch edibles. Back in the 90s I had some fun times, but that shit is too strong for my old ass now.
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Animals in the wild take a small bite of something if they are not sure of its toxicity.
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Metafilter: breathing manually.
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So, I quit drinking 15 months ago. I’ve never tried anything harder and I’ve got friends who get a lot of recreational and medicinal mileage out of pot, and occasionally they’re like hey, maybe you could give this a whirl. This thread is just reminding me of why that’s a great big nope for me. :)

I’m glad it works for the folks it works for though, and I wish it were legal here for the folks it does do good things for.
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Oh, that's weird, I can't smoke weed because it makes me paranoid, but I don't remember having any trouble with edibles. That didn't stop me from being a pothead for years, because all my friends were, but then I reached a point in my 20s when I realized I could just tell people I don't like weed.

But yeah, the first time I tried edibles was also the first time any of my friends had tried them, and also the first time they'd ever tried making them. So there was the whole process of extracting the THC in butter, then baking, and so on. Nobody was sure if they'd extracted the THC properly, or they'd put in the right amounts of stuff, and so on. We all tried some brownies, and after like an hour nothing had happened. So we all tried a little more. I hung out there for like 2 more hours, and none of us felt any effect, so we were like "guess you guys suck at making pot brownies."

I was in the car heading over to another friend's house when I was suddenly hit with this feeling of "oh wow, I should NOT be driving right now." But I was calm. So calm. Not to sound like a cliche, but I still remember how beautiful the road looked. Fortunately, I was almost at my friend's house, and I spent the rest of the evening hanging out and watching horror movies.

My CA friends all buy edibles in various dosages, but I've steered well clear of them. No more weed for this guy.
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In 1996, I was released from the hospital after a stint in ICU for the flu (my lungs suck). I was pumped full of antibiotics, I was nauseated and hadn't eaten in days. A friend made pot brownies for me to ease the nausea and stimulate my appetite.

Folks, it was a bad idea.
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I have cPTSD and have been using edibles for therapy work for the past year - they somehow enable memory and emotion retrieval that facilitates trauma processing for me and are much more effective than non-chemically assisted therapy work. THC/CBD is weaker (and probably less effective) than the true psychedelics are supposed to be and I've never experienced ego death. I've had some "bad" experiences, but it's always been some horrible trauma resurfacing, which I've recognized, welcomed, and worked through (my approach to trauma recovery is always "take the bull by the horns"). I suspect my reaction to THC and CBD is unusual, though. I can't do it recreationally because something trauma-related always comes up and I never get to that chill, giggly stoner state.

In conclusion, THC response is a land of contrasts.
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I went to college in Humboldt, the “pot capital of the world”. The first time I tried edibles, a friend of mine had procured a literal Hefty bag full of brown weed (he was dating a girl whose uncle sold the stuff and had given her a bag of product deemed unsellable). Because it was basically shit product, we decided it might be good to try to make edibles out of. I tried one, two...no reaction. Kept eating more, think I ended up at something around seven brownies, and nothing, nada. I guess when you gift someone a garbage bag size amount of weed you’re not giving away your finest product. I took it to mean “Edibles are not very powerful”.

A few months later a different friend had been gifted a few pot brownies by some friends of his for helping them as part of a study group. He didn’t partake so regifted them to me. Based on my previous experience, I figured “If I’m going to get anything out of this, have to eat all of them at once since edibles tend to be really weak”. I spent that entire night hovered over a toilet bowl emptying the content of my stomach. Luckily, I was so high I barely felt it.

Based on *that* experience, I pretty much swore off edibles completely, since the effectiveness can be unpredictable. I didn’t try them again until almost 20 years later when a friend of a friend offered me a pot muffin at a party. Said they were really mellow. I was smart enough to only eat half. It started out really nice; super relaxing and calming, almost like taking a Xanax. But the effect kept increasing to where I started getting really nervous and paranoid and pretty much just wanted to be away from everyone and climb the walls. The person who gave me the muffin and another friend of his came over to me to check on how I was feeling. I lied and said, “It’s really nice”. His friend replied, “The best part - they last for 12 hours!”. Great.
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The labeling on the edibles sold here seems accurate, and with most it is easy to cut them in half or quarters if you wanted a smaller dose. (Hard candies wouldn't cut easily, I think, but chocolates and mints do, and anything that comes in a bottle can be regulated to the exact number of drops.)

I'm not a big user, but I can't tell much difference between smoking and edibles other than how long it takes to take effect. It's interesting how for some people there seems to be a big difference in effect.
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I think the biggest problem with edibles is the delay, followed by dosage and quality issues. I was not really interested in them after overindulging in the past when my GF and I tried the 1906 brand of chocolates. They still take a while to kick in, but they're fairly mild and very pleasant. Also, they taste like chocolate, not weed.
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I love edibles. I don't buy so much anymore because the 10mg legal dose limit is too low and I don't want to eat/pay for three or four cookies.

I like smoking and vaping but with asthma it's not a good fit. The immediacy is great and it's hard to smoke too much but it's not good for the lungs.

I grow my own weed and make my own gummies. (Cherry Jell-O is the bomb.) They're pretty strong and perfect in the evening - a nice strong buzz and then sleep.

Timing is important with edibles - a full or empty stomach makes a huge difference. Alcohol can also make a big difference.
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Good morning! Hey I'm hungry does anyone want any pancakes?

By the way - you look like a salami. I mean I'm ok with that if you are, just thought you might want to know.
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Few of the stories in the BuzzFeed article (or in this thread) are doing much to dispel the notion that bad experiences with edibles are often due to indiscriminate dosing.

I actually tried edibles for the first time yesterday – I recently got my cannabis card, so I bought a little tin of gummies from the local dispensary. I ate 5 mg (half a gummy), and waited two hours. I was definitely feeling stoned, but not overwhelmed – so I ate the other 5 mg.

The worst that happened was a serious case of couchlock (could be a bug or a feature, depending on your goal), and some mild anxiety (much more manageable than the anxiety I tend to get from smoking). Granted, this was a relatively small dose – but it wasn't that different than smoking.

I'm a little groggy today, but it seems less hard on my system than smoking. It's an all-day commitment, though.

I'll probably try a stronger dose sometime – but the couchlock and the duration means it'll be a once-in-a-blue-moon thing for me. I'd like to try it with a pleasant, peaceful, outdoor spot to lounge – a pitcher of refreshing beverage, a shady hammock, some music on the Bluetooth speaker, some healthy snacks to nibble on.
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I can't use any pot. Tried it in my 20's and when it hit against my anxiety disorder, I spent several hours asking my friend if I was still breathing because I couldn't feel my chest rise and fall.
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It's maddening how no one is talking about repeatable dosing. Particularly the Atlantic story which goes deep in the weed talking about 11-hydroxy vs delta-9 THC. This is not usable information.

"A gummy" is not a dose. "A pot cookie" is not a dose. "10mg of THC" is a dose, at least if you trust the measurement and the mixing and aren't interested in any other psychoactives that are mixed in with the pure THC molecule (like say, everyone's hot new trend the CBD).

After Maureen Dowd wrote this same kind of article back in 2014 and everyone laughed at her for it, I went looking about why dosage with edibles is so hard to control. Part of it is sloppiness with homemade extracts.

But with the commercial stuff, the problem is products made for weed-tolerant people. Especially in the mid-2010s of medical marijuana there were a lot of very heavy regular THC users buying cookies and gummies at medical shops. And a heavy user of THC can take 5-10x the amount of drug to get the same effect as a newbie. So they're selling 320mg THC candy bars in the shop for their regular customers who need 40-80mg to get high (you know, just eat one square!), and then Maureen wanders in and naturally eats a couple of bites of a candy bar and gets an NYTimes column out of it.

Tolerance from alcohol varies maybe 2x; someone who drinks heavily can drink 2x as much booze as a lightweight and more or less function the same. Tolerance for THC varies more a lot more. Pick a dosage that fits your experience. The Atlantic advice to start with 2.5mg seems reasonable to me although it's an awfully small dose. I believe Colorado has standardized on 10mg being "a serving", I'm not sure about other states.
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Yeah I don't find the idea that edibles give a different or more paranoid high to be convincing. I heard a lot of similar stories in college about people overindulging in bongs or hookahs. Or the dreaded gravity bong.
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Here in California, dosing is very consistent, and all edibles are limited to 100mg of total THC/CBD in each package. (Which is a bummer, bc my personal effective dose for an edible is ~200-250mg, but most people seem to enjoy ~50mg for recreation.) The article didn't go into it much, but my understanding is that a big part of the difference in effect between inhaling and eating, is that the cannabis in food must be decarboxylated in preparation, because it follows the same pathways through the liver as benzodiazepenes w/r/t actual uptake into your system, not just that more of the THC & CBD molecule-types are actually processed and moved up to your brain.

Personally, I don't think edibles are really for recreational use at all, and the only folks I know who use edibles as their primary mode of delivery are using it for chronic medical need (usually palliatively, but what a relief it can be for so many health problems)--and their dosage is usually quite large. I continue to give non-regular cannabis users the same advice I have for a while: use the cartridges and disposable vape pens. You don't have to smoke because it's vaping, but it's still consumed orally, which allows for the quickest and most accurate self-dosing, because you can titrate your dose pretty easily. No stinky smoke, no 45-60 minute delay where you wait to find out if you got on a roller coaster or into a haunted house, no rolling or packing of actual weed, and near-immediate effect when you inhale. (But the cartridges say they're like, 80%+ THC, that's scary strong! Yes, but that's only because it's concentrated--you just inhale less.)

And lastly, if anyone here has ever taken a psychedelic drug and had any version of a bad trip, then you know a version of what can happen with too much cannabis; people seem to forget that cannabis is a mild psychedelic, not a stimulant or depressant, and it's only just an anxiolytic if it's CBD with no THC molecules present. Too much THC at once for you = a (relatively mild) bad trip, no matter one's level of experience with this plant.
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Yes, 10mg is a standard serving in Colorado. We have always taken out-of-state visitors to one of a dozen weed stores within a ten-minute walk from our house, and last time one woman actually bought something: a 100mg chocolate bar scored into 10 pieces.

We tried the 10mg dose. One of the four of us didn't partake. One said she got too high. I was giggly, but could follow the conversation. One said she didn't get high, just sleepy. But when the non-high guy advanced an argument and asked his partner what she thought, the sleepy gal said, "I don't know, I was just listening to the sound of your voice." Haha. Stoned.

I used to smoke every day. I'm down to every decade or two now. It gets old.

Speaking of tolerance, the budtender who sold us the candy said he personally puts a whole 100mg chocolate bar in a milkshake when he gets high, and LooseFilter just pegged his dose at 200-250mg. That sounds like LSD territory to me, and, while I never had a bad experience in the trippy 60's, I'm not into playing chemical games with my brain any more. I'm pretty much high and straight simultaneously 24/7 now. It's a long story.
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I have a horror story from the period where weed was legal in Seattle, but they hadn’t established any stores or legit outlets yet. I experienced a “Dowd” and took something like 35mg my first go. It was.... unpleasant. Ego death, awake for 30 hours, etc.

However, since then the dosages are now capped out at 10mg per serving and it’s pretty hard to accidentally go off the edge of the universe.

I think it would be almost impossible for even a complete novice to have a bad experience with a 3 or 5mg dose. I also know a LOT of people who used to drink heavily that now have an edible and sip on a few beers instead. I hope this thread doesn’t scare off people who have never tried it. Almost all these stories are from improper dosage or home made shenanigans.

Denver fully legalizing MUSHROOMS however.... now I think that’s a bad idea.
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(I think my own dosage is a combination of slower metabolism, so uptake is kind of spread out over three hours, and also that if I'm having a cannabis edible, it's for an all-day kind of thing, not just an evening.)

fully legalizing MUSHROOMS

Do they want a town full of people making no sense? Because that's how you'd get that.
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my personal effective dose for an edible is ~200-250mg

Man, there is a lot of variation in tolerance. I find 5mg sufficient, and 10 puts me flat on the couch. At 250mg, I'd probably need to go to the ER so the nurses could laugh at me.
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Metafilter: Just a symbol for something else.
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With mushrooms it really requires a lot of education and guidance. People just gobbling them willy-nilly without a bit of advance info, that's a recipe for some bad tripping, and then the FUD team gets to pushback.
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When I worked at the record store, we had a "joint" holiday party with the dispensary next door. There was a ton of weed. Our managers walked around handing out joints to all of us. They hired a company to set up a dab bar. A bunch of people smoked a blunt the size of a carrot (that's not an exaggeration). But the really deadly thing was the weed chocolate fountain, because it was just a bunch of 100mg THC chocolate bars melted into the thing.

Apparently it wasn't on the same level as the wild ragers of years past, but it wasn't a bad time. I had to steer clear of the smoking room once I started getting a contact high.
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Never, ever, again.
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I split a tiny cookie with a friend and then we parted ways; for me, half a mouthful turned out to be too much! I didn't have a full newslady freakout, but I did spend the next four hours googling "too high" and "when do edibles wear off." At peak, I kept hearing really loud music coming from my bedroom ceiling. If I listened closely, it was classical. If I was busy doing something else (googling about weed strength or drinking water, because I was briefly convinced that my tongue had turned into a sponge), then it went kind of Beatles-y. After an hour of this (or maybe 5 minutes, what the hell do I know), I went in search of the music. It did not follow me. When I returned to bed, the ceiling started playing music again. It was very strange and I did not like it.

(My friend was fine.)
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I just want to say I'm mainly reading this thread so I can experience by proxy what it's like to be able to get thwacked out of my gourd on cannabis because I'm sincerely a little jealous because why can't I have that? I mean, I've never had that, even when I was a noob and had no tolerance built up.

I'm pretty sure I could eat one or two of everything described in this thread so far and rack up about a 10-20k+ mg dose and the best and/or worst thing that would happen is I might take a nap and/or eat all the peanut butter I can find. Oh, sure, I'd get real high but man I have to go out of my way and and make some kind of intense effort to experience some of the more acute (and personally interesting) effects people are writing about.

I don't even smoke or consume that much any more, at least compared to the hard core stoners I know that do dabs or oil pens, or buy those whack high THC pre-rolled joints dipped in oil then rolled in kief powder and fuckin' moon rocks. Wait, what are moon rocks? They're, uh, some kind of high potency wax or shatter or something, like basically nearly pure crystals of THC extract, like concentrated re-refined wax/shatter.

Anyway, the incredibly wide variation of tolerances and experiences with cannabis is really fascinating. I'm kind of not joking about being unafraid and completely comfortable with being able to eat one or two of everything mentioned in the thread because I've kind of done it already at a cannabis heavy potluck where people kept bringing endless amounts of both professionally produced candy and products to home made traditional like cookies and brownies and I tried basically everything at least once.

At some point I probably was capable of glowing in the dark due to the warm, fuzzy glow I was experiencing. Things definitely got real colorful. I didn't really fade out until over 12 hours later when people fired up the volcano table top vape and started passing around 5 foot long bags of vapor.

On the other hand if I don't have cannabis I basically get full on cPTSD panic attacks, unmanageable anxiety and I'll hide from the world. Yeah, I've had tolerance breaks and have gone as much as 2 months without, so it's not addiction, it's that cannabis actually works for me. I was having those panic attacks and anxiety before I ever even tried cannabis as a youth, so, *shrug*.

I still remember the first time I smoked any weed and I remember it distinctly, because I remember thinking for what may have been the first time in my life that I finally had proof that the world didn't completely suck, and, well, I sure have relaxed a lot since then.

On the other other hand? You want to give me the spins just give me a couple of Oxycontin, Tylenol-3 or other opiates. Can't stand the stuff and I'll only take it when I'm in enough pain that feeling like I'm on the edge of being violently sea sick is preferable to being in acute pain. That acute pain threshold starts at, oh, I don't know, a broken finger or an injury that requires stitches? For perspective, a raging tooth ache and open cavity isn't enough.

Anyway, if anyone wants to use me as a guinea pig and try to find the LD50 for cannabis I'm right here and my body is ready for science. I have no problems being loaded into an MRI and actually find the experience fascinating. Don't really mind needles or blood tests, either.
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Do they want a town full of people making no sense? Because that's how you'd get that.

Wait, when did Washington DC legalize mushrooms?
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Aw man, you got my hopes up for a second there. I've been wanting to try microdosing for a while now.
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>my personal effective dose for an edible is ~200-250mg

>>Man, there is a lot of variation in tolerance. I find 5mg sufficient, and 10 puts me flat on the couch. At 250mg, I'd probably need to go to the ER so the nurses could laugh at me.

I think this contrast is the key to understanding why edibles can go so wrong. 5mg will get Person A so stoned that she is on the edge of panicking about it. But for Person B, 200mg is the right dose. Sort of like how some people have two glasses of wine and are flat-out drunk, while others barely feel buzzed.

One of the greatest things about legalization is that, with proper regulations, Person A won't accidentally end up consuming 50 or 200 or even 10mg by accident.
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One of the greatest things about legalization is that, with proper regulations, Person A won't accidentally end up consuming 50 or 200 or even 10mg by accident.

I agree. Having consistent and accurate labeling is great, including for both dosages and strains, as well as other ingredients.
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Last batch of edibles I had was at a Ufomammut concert. They were gummy bears that the merch dude brought and shared and they were 5mg each (I ate five). All the trees around the venue turned into giant structures with metal leaves that shined a purple gleam and the sun never seemed to set even well past 1am.

I want to take them again

Also 250mg would have sent me into outer space for a week. WTF.
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Despite being a daily smoker for all of my teenage and adult life I never did get into edibles. Like a lot of people said here, there just didn't seem to be much of a middle ground. It was either no effect or straight out of commission for like 12 hrs. But, I have a bunch of friends that are the opposite. They never liked marijuana until they tried eating as adults.

A few years ago I was with a bunch of friends staying in an Air Bnb cabin owned by an old rich hippie type guy and he came by on the second day with the dankest cake I've ever seen. Like, glowing green. Everyone else hit it pretty hard and I was like 'I'm just gonna stick with a small doobie and take the dog for a walk'. Fast forward to around midnight and we had decided to do one of the guy's psychedelic puzzles on the living room floor. At some point I noticed it had gotten quiet and looked around to find that everyone had simultaneously passed out around us. It was just me and one other guy, a-puzzlin' away. I noticed him out of the corner of my eye crawl across to where the cover was propped, kept going, every now and then I'd check and he's still staring intently. This goes on for 10-15 and then boom, he just face planted onto the puzzle. I had to roll him off, he was sort of semi coherent with sections of completed puzzle stuck to his sweater, waving arms frantically saying 'Get it off, no puzzle, no!' while I was like 'Calm down man, let me help you'. He crawled into the corner and collapsed, like a sick dog.

They woke up around dawn to a near completed puzzle. Defnitely sticking with smoking.
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Came for the stories. Not much to add.here except that the few times I've had edibles I've mostly just mellowed out, not unlike when I smoked to be honest, and got really sleepy. I wish they were legal here so I could experiment more. Due to a lung and allergy issue I'm unable to smoke without huge inconvenience bordering on outright risk so edibles are about all I've got. Oh well, maybe the next time we travel to meet friends.....

Do edibles (thinking the hard candy or oil varieties) have a shelf life?
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Hard candy likely doesn't have a shelf life if it's stored in a cool dry dark place. If it's humid, that can affect how easily you get the wrapper off of older candies, and I suppose as a sugar-laden objects there might be things that COULD grow on it, but I've had Brachs and (related) cough drops that were YEARS old and did not die.

I could imagine the oils having expiration dates. Along with the vape carts. Oils tend change their nature across time. I don't know if that would make them bad to ingest, but an old vape cart would certainly be plugged up from the extract in it having gotten too thick to pull through the device.
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I grew up in the 70s; the pot we smoked was weak and harsh. We smoked the leaves, because it was the Olden Times, and that's how it was. I had smoked 1 time since my youth. Anyway, I was going to walk down to the lake and have a swim the other night, no phone, just me, towel, dog, mug of frosty beer.

There was something in the road, I bent down, picked it up and it's a cable, obv. not live, as I didn't light up, but still. I stop at the closest house, neighbor is pissy, declines to call emergency, not his problem. I proceed, and there are some neighbors with a bonfire. I stop to ask if I can borrow a phone. They decline, as they prefer not to communicate with cops. hmmm, okay, mildly odd, no prob. Pot is legal-ish in Maine. They are younger, funny, and offer me a smoke. 1 puff that I didn't hold long because they made me laugh. They opine that the cable is for cable tv, not electrically significant, but still. I get to the little beach, and I am stoned. I borrow a phone, call police, drink my frosty beer, time loses all meaning. I have to explain that the emergency is in the road, not at a specific address, the dispatchers is confused, asks questions. I am heroic in my efforts to explain without mentioning that my body is experiencing such interesting sensations. Dispatcher asks for the number I'm calling from and I don't know, it's a borrowed phone, and now I realize I called the cops while stoned, heh, weird. I hear a fire truck drive along the road, find the phone's owner and return it, holy crap, this is difficult. There's a cop, I stop to chat with the guy who smoked me up, the guys have gotten the cable off the road. I talk to the cop, sentences are So Hard, with his spotlight, you can see the mess of cable at the pole. I walk the rest of the way home, not far. My body is unreliable, time is complicated. It took me between 10 minutes to an hour to brush my teeth, put on a tshirt, find my phone, get a fresh beer, get into bed. Took a while to sleep, all my nerves were sparkly, but slept so well. The next morning, it felt like such a saga, and I'm happy to have a place to tell it.

I'm looking forward to properly legal pot in Maine with some idea of what to expect from a given product. I could get a prescription, but such hassle.
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I just dropped by this thread because it smells so gooooood in here.
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Also, as someone who vapes almost exclusively, and who gets his stuff from an MMJ store (i.e. ingredients and amounts usually labelled well), how would I go about calculating a therapeutic/efficable dosage for myself?

All I know is (a) when I vape, I know when I am high but can't figure out how much was needed with any accuracy (other than it's been > 0.1 g); and (b) any time I've tried any amount of edibles, they haven't even registered on my radar.
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This is only somewhat relevant, but the worst time I ever freaked out, it was when I tried to keep pace doing gravity bong hits with a couple pro-level stoners, one of whom was my boss at the time. I was already freaking out pretty bad, but then they were like "we should get something to eat," and my dumb ass was like "I'll go!" There was a Carl's Jr. next door, and I was like, OK, keep it cool, man, you won't get in trouble if nobody knows you're high. But those thoughts lost to the competing thought that holy shit, everybody was going to know I was high. It's probably illegal to be high and they're going to interrogate me and lead me to my boss. I went in, full on panic-sweating, and proceeded to wait in line more or less twitching in terror.

I should also mention that my boss gave me a bunch of $20s, like $300 worth, because they were too stoned to bother counting it. So I placed the order all wild-eyed (I don't remember it exactly, but I do remember that they kept being like "uh, OK?" when I ordered stuff). I was holding this tightly in my left hand and as I payed, I kept peeling off bills like "is that enough?" And they had to give me back like $100.

So then I'm waiting for my food, and I'm like, OK this is bad, but it won't be so bad as long as there isn't a cop. But I looked up line, and there was a fucking cop waiting to order. Oh shit! So I went to go hid behind the condiment table, literally crouched down hiding behind it. And I was like, phew, I don't think he saw me! But then I looked up, and the cop was staring directly at me, and I went into a full-on panic.

So then the food comes out and I had to walk by the cop to get it, so I was like OK, I'll just play it cool. I don't know what I did exactly, but I do know that I got some really weird looks as I sauntered over to get our food. I may have said something like "good afternoon, sir!" to the guy who gave me my food. But I got the food and I was almost out the door when I was like, uh oh, better get some ketchup and stuff. So I went back to my hiding place, set down the bag, grabbed a whole handful of ketchup, and my hand got stuck in the ketchup bin. I was trying to figure out how to extract my hand, when a woman was like "why don't you just let go of the ketchup?" And I was like "yeah, maybe I don't need it!" Plus the cop was watching, but then I managed to get my hand out, and I shoved the ketchup in the bag and made a beeline for the back door, fully convinced that the cop was going to be following me if I turned around.

I was in full on escape mode at this point, but on my way out the door, this guy stops me and goes "hey man," and I stop and go "oh hey." And he starts giving me this spiel about how he's down on his luck and needs some cash, and I'm like "oh sorry, I don't have anything." But then we both looked down at my left hand, which was still clutching like $300 in cash. And I just go "uh, it's not mine" and ran across the parking lot to safety.
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MetaFilter: decarboxylated
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Personally, I don't think edibles are really for recreational use at all, and the only folks I know who use edibles as their primary mode of delivery are using it for chronic medical need (usually palliatively, but what a relief it can be for so many health problems)--and their dosage is usually quite large.

This is interesting to me, because I am also in California and it seems like hardly anyone I know now smokes, some people vape, and everyone will happily eat a 5mg or more gummy for fun. Even people who never got into smoking.

All my pot food experiences years ago were terrible, and now it's my preferred way to partake.
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I was in Portland, OR during the early 2000s, so the we'd we were getting was fairly strong, at least for the time. Overall my experiences with edibles were fine: long, slow highs that gently built up to interesting experiences. I always just had one edible and choose a smaller one at that.

That was until I was crashing at a friend's place and was given two pot brownies. I ate the first one, felt it kick in after a while and then gift the munchies. A really bad case. And all I had around to eat was this other brownie. So I ate it. That was the one and only time I have ever been so high I was falling asleep. So I made my apologies and went to sleep.

Reader, I woke up stoned.

I've smoked since (although not for over seven years when my stoner roommate moved out), but haven't done edibles since. Not that I think I'd have a bad experience, just that pot isn't legal on New York yet and no one I know gets pot anymore.
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Before Canada legalized cannabis, they were accepting pubic feedback on the issue; I left a long diatribe supporting the overall initiative wholeheartedly but protesting vehemently against legal edibles sales.

Above and beyond how easy and common it will be to feel really awful from an overdose that's difficult to near impossible to attain from inhaling it, news reports of children getting sick from the candy products will pop up constantly in the news, and the fusillade of "I Told You So"s from the social conservatives will be deafening.

At the same time, I still have libertarian hippy friends sputtering "Get your government hands off my medicine!".
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I've always needed pretty large doses of edibles to get me high at all, but even then it's never that effective. I have a medical card in NM, and recently bought a box of gummies. I ended up eating the whole box within a few hours (200mg), and I could feel it but it was pretty mild.

Not exactly sure how they did it, but one of the dispensaries here makes a more bio-available edible sold as a flavored mixture and also a tincture. It works quickly, and I've been able to use a 5mg dose to get a strong, reliable effect. It's not quite the same effect as smoking, much more of a full body experience than in my head, starting in my gut. It helps with my insomnia tremendously. It's the only edible I've ever found to be consistent and effective, so it's kind of a godsend.

Edibles used to be a way to get high at all off of shitty, seedy 80s ditch weed. Now that pot is being grown and sold by mad scientists, I won't touch edibles. Back in the 90s I had some fun times, but that shit is too strong for my old ass now.

This kind of comment always comes up in these conversations, comparing quality of weed today to decades ago. A couple thoughts on that. Before I got my medical card, I was regularly buying black market weed from a friend who was an illicit grower, so I saw the plants and did know pretty much what I was getting from the source. He sold a strain of sour diesel, a pretty decent sativa, not bad but not meant to be high grade, IOW what's known as mids. But since I got my medical card, I spend less by weight in a dispensary buying strains with higher THC (20%+ THC), and I use less for a better, longer lasting effect. So, I'm spending less money and smoking less weed since I can finally control the dose. Strongly prefer smoking. Pen vapes aren't that effective for me, and dabbing is too much most of the time.

Lesser strains (mids, shake, trim) are still available in dispensaries- mids are comparable to the strength of typical non-high grade black market weed (10-15% THC). Trim is very cheap and comparable to a lot of the '70s leafy weed (maybe 5%). With today's mad scientist growers, you can still get strains that aren't supercharged with THC, all the way down to shake and trim. The difference is that in a dispensary, you know exactly how much THC you're getting (and usually much more info than that), because it's been tested.
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Above and beyond how easy and common it will be to feel really awful from an overdose that's difficult to near impossible to attain from inhaling it, news reports of children getting sick from the candy products will pop up constantly in the news, and the fusillade of "I Told You So"s from the social conservatives will be deafening.

Eh... There was some of that at first in the US, but it's been legal in many states for years now. It's not really a problem, definitely not one that requires prohibition, though some states are a bit too strict on dosage. We're not seeing that kind of backlash anyway.
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Get a few acid trips under your belt. Then overdoing it with edibles won't faze you.
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Get a few acid trips under your belt. Then overdoing it with edibles won't faze you.

Mom? Is that you?

In all seriousness, that’s a super dismissive comment to leave at the bottom of this thread, lefty lucky cat.
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It's a bit unrealistic given how long it's been since I've actually seen real acid. I've been offered a lot that claimed to be acid, but have had it maybe once since the Owsley spin-off labs were busted in the early 2000s.

But I would say that, yes, given the entirely different experience of what LSD is and what marijuana in whatever form does, it does sort of give a sense of perspective and helps make doing too much THC not feel quite so dire.

I do wish I could find real LSD again. I miss having it around.
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This thread is timely for me. I took a small bite of a 400 mg (!) homemade cookie the other night.

My 10-minute bike ride home in the dark took, subjectively, about 7 hours. The last 4 hours of that was spent pedaling the final 3 blocks to my house, stuck in a video-game loop, passing hundreds of identical townhouses, unable to make my own personal house appear. Made it home safe, but was convinced nothing was real. Terrifying.

I had the good sense at least to not tell my husband that I was already dead or maybe he was or we both were. Just laid in bed unable to sleep until the next morning, when I threw the devil cookies into the trash and then finally took a much-needed nap.
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The night ended with me rocking back and forth hysterically and clutching my head while watching The Day After,

I do this watching this movie even when I'm not high.
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I'm at a point in my life where I'm using pot daily. I'll take two 5 mG gummies and supplement them with a couple of hits from a bubbler of something around 20% THC so that I don't have to wait for the gummies to kick in. Later on, there's another gummy and more hits. I also keep my vape on my desk which is where I usually am when I'm at home.

I love the feeling of being high and love the fact that there's no stigma around it here in Oregon.

Often, it makes me really organized. I'll spend hours playing the Sims or Prison Architect ignoring the people and concentrating on making all my buildings line up exactly, even tearing them down and rebuilding them if they're a grid square off.

One day I woke up and all my screwdrivers were lined up on my living room floor, sorted by size and type.

My favorite story though is I was once wandering around my neighborhood late at night when I bumped into a young man outside of the nearby hostel smoking a joint. I struck up a conversation with him and we talked for awhile sharing his sooooo strong joint. When I left I tried to walk home but had to end up calling a Lyft from a corner two blocks from my house where I was standing pressed up against the side of a building - I had no idea how to get home.

I found out on Friday that I have to take a drug test on Tuesday. Eeek.
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In all seriousness, that’s a super dismissive comment to leave at the bottom of this thread, lefty lucky cat.

Didn't mean it that way. I apologize.
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Denver fully legalizing MUSHROOMS however.... now I think that’s a bad idea.

As a minor point of clarification: they're decriminalized here, not legalized.
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So then I'm waiting for my food, and I'm like, OK this is bad, but it won't be so bad as long as there isn't a cop. But I looked up line, and there was a fucking cop waiting to order.

I was briefly working as a trimmer/caretaker for someone growing legal medical cannabis right in the heart of San Francisco, and we often had to work in the middle of the night because that's when the lights in the grow room were on.

The only thing open at 2 or 3 in the morning was the Carl's Junior on Market Street. Yeah, that one, the one at the Civic Center. The one that's a five minute walk from the Tenderloin or SOMA and open 24 hours and can get a bit wild. And by a bit wild, I mean it makes the "crackdonald's" at 3rd and Pine in Seattle look relatively safe and normal.

The same one that always has a cop in it all night because it's 3 AM in the heart of SF, usually parked right by the door.

More than once I walked past the officer at the door just reeking of stank ass ultrachronic. Bits and pieces of sticky leaves and flowers stuck all over us, fingers caked in sticky finger hash.

I remember the first time we went there for our midnight lunch the cop opened the door for us, looked us up and down, took a deep sniff and just rolled his eyes so hard I thought they were going to fall right out.

He didn't say anything at all, just smirked at us and made sure we knew he knew.

But by the second or third visit I figured out that it wasn't the cop we needed to worry about.

Nah, it was everyone else in the Carl's Junior. 'WOW YOU SURE DO SMELL GOOD!" "Hey, shh." "DAAAAAAMN YOU SMELL LOUD. YOU SMELL LIKE FIRE." "Hey can you keep it down WTF?" "SHIT IS THAT A BUD STUCK TO YOUR SHIRT LEMME HAVE THAT." "Oh my god I need to get out of here." *from further back in the restaurant* "WOAH WHO IS SMOKING DANK IN HERE WHO HAS THE DANK!" "Bruh."

More than once we had randos follow us out of the Carl's Junior and down a couple of blocks, forcing us to zigzag and detour to lose them so they couldn't figure out where we lived in the neighborhood. We learned to leave the work clothes at home, do a safety check for stray plant matter and wash the hell out of our hands before heading out for late night food missions. Even then sometimes we'd just be walking down the street and a random street person would start up with the "DAAAMN YOU SMELL SO GOOD!" thing and it was awkward as fuck.
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Do edibles (thinking the hard candy or oil varieties) have a shelf life?

As a food product, or in terms of potency?

As a regular-but-infrequent maker and consumer of edibles, I feel reasonably well-placed to answer the second question. If they have a shelf life, it’s certainly longer than “months”, when properly kept. Once a year I decarb 0.5-1 oz weed and make a batch of butter; then I make a dozen luridly colored cupcakes every 2-3 months (half a cake is probably a 20 mg dose, and most get given away). The butter and the cakes both keep in the freezer with no noticeable loss of potency. Also the cakes’ texture stays good - you can eat them straight from the freezer and they’re great. I recently found some old brownies I made about two years ago in the back of the freezer and tried one. Still potent.

I need the freezer to keep them approximately fresh, but the cold will also help slow any decomposition of the active ingredients. The important thing is to keep products somewhere dark, as UV does apparently cause decomposition.

An old vape cart would certainly be plugged up from the extract in it having gotten too thick to pull through the device.

I think the problem with vape carts (which, due to my consumption habits, also last me months / years) is the opposite - yes the oil is thick, but it slowly flows through the mechanism and out of the bottom of the cart, then insulates the connecting pins. I’ve cleaned old carts with Q-tips and acetone (any solvent would work) and brought them back to life.
posted by chappell, ambrose at 8:09 AM on July 29, 2019

1: Eat something else with your edible, something that can 'wake up your stomach' so the edible does not just sit there not being digested. Glass of milk, a fruit, whatever. (I have found that a ripe pear is amazing while high).

2: THC binds to fat, candy based edibles give up the medicine ( a more rapid onset) much more quickly than something with oil or butter (a slower ramp-up).

3: Start with a small dose and wait an hour.

4: IT TAKES A LOT OF THC TO HURT YOU! Like a lot a lot. You may think you are dying but you are just really high. If you had a 30 MG edible and you are a reasonably healthy adult you don't need to go to the emergency room and by the time you are high enough to be paranoid about it (remember weed can make you paranoid) and then by the time you get to the part where the doctor is giving you a pill you are probably coming down anyways.

5: Drink plenty of fluids or eat things that have a higher moisture content. Fruit, a sammie with lots of vegetables in it, some hummus and those little sweet peppers, etc. THC can make you feel dried out, similar to too much alcohol or being in the sun too long.

6: See point 4. Seriously, look up the dosages of THC required to do harm. Hold that in your mind and relax. Do something else to distract your monkey brain. Enjoy a movie with a loved one. Play a video game. Paint. Do that light housework that you could not bring yourself to do because of anxiety or pain.
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Use Everclear or high proof vodka as a safe solvent! You don't want acetone or other industrial solvents anywhere near smoking or vaping gear you're going to use.

It's not just about safety, acetone can and will melt stuff like silicone rubber or ruin the cellulose or cotton often used as the wicking agent in a vape cart.

You can also use Everclear for making tinctures.

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Other than its flammability, acetone is a pretty safe solvent as volatile organic compounds go, and cleaning a cart will do you no more damage than removing your nail varnish, which is what acetone is used for in a household context. It’s very volatile, and won’t hang around on your cart to be inhaled - it will evaporate almost instantly. The bottom of my carts are all metal, so I haven’t damaged one yet. Alcohol will work fine as well.
posted by chappell, ambrose at 9:46 AM on July 29, 2019

Acetone is a pretty safe solvent (though very flammable). Your body is pretty good at metabolizing ketones, so I wouldn't worry too much about health risks. If I had to guess, the biggest danger is from traces of other chemicals in your acetone, since grocery store acetone is not as clean/pure as, say, grocery store isopropyl.
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And a bittering agent is often added to household acetone, and let me tell you, it is gross. Wash your hands, people.

There's a lot of good advice in this thread. I would add that trying to convert between one kind of commercial edible and another is some very fuzzy math. Someone Who Isn't Me found this out when trying to estimate the amount of THC in half a dose of a chocolate bar and then extrapolate to the amount of gummy she should eat. That person found herself wondering if she was ever going to be able to get up out of her chair in order to go find an Oreo. I'm happy to report she did find an Oreo and then took a long nap.
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omg my friend in Denver gave me a (legal!) edible and like 100 hours later we were getting kicked out of a Hello Kitty Friendship Festival because we were sitting in the bleachers cackling and the show was totally over.

This is the most @icetsvu thing I have ever read that actually happened.
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look up the dosages of THC required to do harm.

(To emphasize this, among adults, there is no known dosage of cannabis that causes death or even physical symptoms/effects beyond its active window—so while it might feel like dying, it’s not dying. Cannabis is a really safe drug, as such things go.)
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DRINK UP,STONERS: Big Alcohol is pouring billions into the drinkable marijuana market. But is that how anybody wants to get high? (Amanda Chicago Lewis, The Verge)
It’s 2019, and Big Alcohol wants in on legal pot — but only on its own terms. One by one, the largest beer companies in the world have announced their intention to create drinkable marijuana products. So brace yourself for an onslaught of alcohol-free weed beers and weed seltzers and weed fruit punches. […]

Full disclosure: I’ve always found drinks to be the worst kind of marijuana edible. Even if you find one that doesn’t taste like bong water, the absent-minded ease of sipping almost guarantees you’ll have too much, and the delayed intensity that’s left so many people wary of edible weed means that it could hit you all at once, two hours later. Unless, of course, it’s a low-dose product, and then you might have too little. I’ve been smoking about a joint a night for the past decade or so, and I need 25–30 milligrams of THC to get high. Most pot drinks are aimed either at serious, all-day stoners, with 100 milligrams of THC per bottle, or at entry-level lightweights, with 2.5 milligrams of THC per bottle. I love weed, but I don’t want to stop myself after a third of an iced tea, and I don’t want to have to down 10 iced teas. Marijuana tolerance varies far more than alcohol tolerance, and that makes it much harder to create shareable, standardized products.

As it exists now, the whole cannabis beverage category is a mess. Even if you can get the dosage and the taste and the onset timing correct, being high doesn’t feel the same as being drunk. Why should we try to force marijuana to mimic the experience of alcohol? Are the makers of Blue Moon and Stella Artois hoping that, 10 years from now, bars and ball games will offer both a weed beer and regular beer?
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> The article didn't go into it much, but my understanding is that a big part of the difference in effect between inhaling and eating, is that the cannabis in food must be decarboxylated in preparation, because it follows the same pathways through the liver as benzodiazepenes w/r/t actual uptake into your system, not just that more of the THC & CBD molecule-types are actually processed and moved up to your brain.

joe rogan on this metabolic process, which makes edibles psychedelic! :P
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How to politely smoke weed (Luke Winkie, Vox)

Emily Post’s great-great-granddaughter wrote a book about cannabis etiquette — a thing you never thought you’d need.
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