Sir, this is a Wendy's
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Har Mar Superstar performs a live Baconcert at a Wendy's in Minneapolis (twitter) Ever the iconic performer, Har Mar Superstar knows how to have a good time, including changing up the lyrics to better profess his love of Wendy's and frosties!

He has a history of being a fan of Taco Johns. Around the same time last year, Har Mar Superstar won the first ever Olé of the Day Superstar Award. He's gotten interviewed at one, and sells Taco Johns themed Har Mar Superstar t-shirts.
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(Concert starts around the 5 minute mark)
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Some of you might know Har Mar from his side gig, as the head of the MST3K Skeleton Crew.
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I can't seem to find the article, but there was an old one back in the day where he talked about losing weight because he was dancing so hard every night, and it was hurting his image.

Dude can sing.
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I saw him shaking his thing in those tighty whities at a college music festival in 2003 that very well might have been one of the most fun days of my entire life.
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The Current blogged it, too!
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He is, after all, named after a mall.
Which survived a tornando
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I love Har Mar but I...hate this. The whole snarky social media account run by major brand thing grosses me the fuck out. Didn’t know it was possible for me to feel like Har Mar Superstar was too dirty for me, but this association did it. (Maybe it’s because I have always thought the food Wendy’s was disgusting, moreso even than most fast food restaurants?)
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Yeah wow that's the least gross I've seen Har Mar Superstar. I mean, he keeps most of his clothes on.

Most gross was when he opened for Ke$ha at her album release show. From a few years out I can look back and say that night was probably one of the very high points of my life so far.
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I love Har Mar but I...hate this. The whole snarky social media account run by major brand thing grosses me the fuck out.

I've resigned myself to the fact that the internet is mostly a conduit for advertising, so I'm to the point that I appreciate Wendy's snarky Twitter profile. For an example from the replies to this tweet:

tu ama: I hate Wendy's
Wendy's: We're literally one if 8 accounts you follow
tu ama: Jk I love Wendy's

Is this a crafty advert? Sure, on some level. If tu ama isn't another Wendy's account, it seems like Wendy's is pushing against low-level internet jerks. If it's a Wendy's account, eh, not the worst Astro turf ad.

I like snarky humor, but I can see how companies pushing themselves as snarky internet entities is gross.
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For me, I like snarky corporate media. It beats upbeat, sanitized corporate media, and besides, look who’s writing it. Generation X didn’t grow up to NOT be snarky in the corporate environment.

As someone who spent most of the first 22 years of my life in and out of Har Mar Mall, I will never get used to the idea that someone “famous” is named after that mall. It’s an oxymoron! The tornado is a much more significant piece of history to that intersection.
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Hat Mar being the twit-person for Wendy's is a surprising choice because corporate usually gets this sort of thing soooo wrong. I wonder how that managed to happen?

I would rather have nicely done snark any day instead of the overly sanitized meaningless babble that's usually the style that gets final approval.
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We should be boycotting Wendy's, not celebrating it.

This is an organized boycott, initiated by a labor organization - not some general, "I hate corporations" thing.
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Yeah, that's the thing for me, Galaxor Nebulon, that I failed to get at by trying to leave an characteristic short comment: the questionable labor and food supply practices of companies like Wendy's make the whole snarky social media persona hard for me to stomach, much like I find their food on a personal level.

For awhile thought I would become a copywriter, pushed by a talented art director who had made it big in NYC before getting sick and deciding to relaunch her career as a advertising instructor at the design school I went to. After getting connected with her former colleagues it become clear to me that I couldn't handle the egos, as much as I loved coming up with clever marketing campaigns and dreamt about winning like, the D&AD Pencil. You get swept up in it, much like so many people got swept up in Mad Men (I can't watch that show, I hate it so much).

The more experience I have occasionally working with agencies like Wieden + Kennedy or Ogilvy in my current career as "just" a designer (none of the glory of advertising) and glimpses of their endless bullshit, the happier I am my career went in a different direction. I don't have a lot of respect for people who use their wit to convince you that corporations are people. What people see as just some gen x-er or millennial writing snappy comebacks is actually far more calculated than a brand on Twitter who says things like "I am sorry you are frustrated. I will send you a DM to discuss your issue." Both are a front.

So that's a longer explanation of why I'm bummed Har Mar Superstar went this route, I just always thought of Sean Tillmann as being pretty blatantly non-commercial, like that's the point of the unapologetically fat guy in his tight underwear singing bawdy earworms, but perusing the wikipedia page, I appear to be incorrect. That's fine, but I am chilled by anyone saying that a big brand having an edgy social media presence is any different than one who keeps up a facade of relentless cheery blandness.
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