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Phil Jamesson is a comedian who makes short (between 30 seconds and two minutes) sketch comedy videos, like The Reward, Teaching a Board Game, Clue and The Genie.
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Monopoly is bad for friendships.
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Monopoly is bad for friendships.

These are amusing.

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[Fixed! ]
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I thought it was great that he used the actual but often overlooked rule that unpurchased property goes immediately to auction. I bet a lot of viewers thought, "Well, he IS kind of making up the rules." Slash perhaps that sketch was also commentary on how that rule got ignored in a lot of families ("This is confusing...." "I'll just go.").
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Weirdly, that's the second variation on that concept that I've come across in the last day or two. Well done, though.
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But, at least try to play better games with your friends.

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I'm enjoying the occasional videos that are meta-jokes about obnoxious commenters.
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Thanks for sharing! These are cool. And this one on "freedom of speech" is just perfect.
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