Long Live Pale Male
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In 1991, a red-tailed hawk settled in New York City. Dubbed Pale Male by birdwatchers, he went on to establish a dynasty of urban hawks - now over 20 individuals strong - who have so embraced city living that they display many distinct behavioral differences from other red-tails. But is Pale Male still alive? There are passionate arguments on both sides of a debate that has been described as "the third rail of the birding world."
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There’s also no definitive proof Pale Male is not a vampire

Now we're getting somewhere.
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No worries, everyone! He's living on my mantelpiece.
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Pale Male or not those pictures of the red-tail enjoying tasty pigeon lunch are amazing.
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Birds are awesome and terrifying. I love/hate them.
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Word of the day: eyas
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i love all of his precious pigeon-eating offspring, may they rule the skies eternal
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Wherever Accipiter People Congregate
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We've lost a couple fledglings in Tompkins Square the past couple of years to rodenticide, it's been heartbreaking.
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EV Grieve is a source for East Village...gossip? And here's there quick blurb about the recent chick death.

The saying "feed a pigeon, breed a rat" is deeply involved here. Tompkins Square is one of the many parks in the city where folks feed the birds with impunity. It's not legal to do and that's hard to enforce. Please don't feed the pigeons because that food is often consumed by the rats as well. (the rats and the pigeons are also not suffering from starvation...)

Also, dump out any standing water you see near your apartment and sweep out any puddles. Mosquitoes are not good for birds or people because of the West Nile Virus risk.

I loved Pale Male as a kid, he was a national news star and my memories of him are swirled in with the Anita Hill hearings, Operation Desert Shield/Storm, and a life where I just generally needed a lot of hope. He was a good bird who provided a lot of that for kid me. As far as I'm concerned, he'll never die.
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Is no one going to cite Steve Earl's Down Here Below which is how this non-New-Yorker and non-birder, and doubtless many others living in similar ignorance, first learned of Pale Male?
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These posts will always make me miss rtha.
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