Who doesn't love animal pictures?
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The Wildlife Photographer of the Year finalists have been announced, as have the finalists for Comedy Wildlife Photography. (Wildlife photography previously)
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I tried to look up more information on the beautiful cocoon from the first link but googling "cynamoth" tells me it's some sort of creature from a game called Loomian Legacy? (And then I googled "Loomian Legacy" only to be told it's "a series of Roblox games" and then I had to google "Roblox" and halp.)

ANYWAYS I want to be part of whatever's going down here.
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Are any of the animals pooping?

Looking for a heads up before I click, source and all...
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Windopaene: one of the comedy photos does show urination, but I didn't notice any pooping. Many of these will make excellent memes.
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I want to know what happened a nano-second after this one was taken.
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"Baby primate relaxing" has just surpassed"monkey hugging pigeon" as the cutest thing I've ever seen (waving bug is pretty spiffy, too, though)
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That fish and the shark, tho.
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A bird with a contrail ?
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bird with a contrail ?

This is like one of those photos where a full moon or sunset is dunked into a basketball hoop or a nice cocktail glass.
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