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Today I learned...there's a weird meme culture around that Something Awful smilie?
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The internet is a vast place with corners I never even knew existed! Fascinating!
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The funniest part of the video is the cameraman being not at all amused by Stephen Fry's joking about him birthing a new species of human parrots out of his mouth.
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Now do the dancing banana.
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My office is being forced to move to MS Teams from Slack. Beyond the practical issues of Teams kinda sucking because it really wants to make everything a thread instead of basically being IRC with a bunch of bells and whistles, there is much unhappiness because we will be losing custom emojis, which are actually an important part of our nationally distributed office culture.
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EDIT: I'm an idiot who needs to read things more carefully. Disregard everything I wrote below.

...we will be losing custom emojis, which are actually an important part of our nationally distributed office culture.

You can upload your own custom emojis to slack. It's a big thing in my office too.

https://[your domain]
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My office is being forced to move to MS Teams from Slack.

It wasn't the main reason, but a move by management at my last job to force the switch from Slack to Teams was the straw that broke the camel's back and led to me leaving. It was similarly a super important part of our distributed office culture and tons of developer time had been put into integrating it into release and ops workflows. Then some idiot in management decided we could save a relatively small amount of money per developer because Microsoft bundled Teams with their other licensing.

Teams is an absolute garbage fire, and the fact that this was seen by management as uncontroversial (hint: they were wrong about that) confirmed for me concerns I'd had for some months. So, I'm elsewhere now.
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I remember when party parrot first popped up on our slack. We were very excited.

You can upload your own custom emojis to slack. It's a big thing in my office too.

Yup. I've been turned into an emoji myself. Two photos, one of me smiling and one if me not.

:fizzimpressed: and :fizzunimpressed:

It's a weird thing. But I do enjoy Slack & emojis. It makes my office life feel less shitty.
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Teams is an absolute garbage fire

Absolutely true. It looks like it was hallucinated by a neural network trained on enterprise communications apps, because there does not seem to be a coherent conceptual model behind it (for example, how do the teams in “teams” relate to the named groups in “chats”?). Not to mention blind spots, like it being impossible to see your past conversations beyond the 8 most recent, other than by doing a text search. And, last but not least, it being an Electron app, i.e., slow, bloated, buggy garbage that exists only because companies are too cheap to pay developers to produce proper native apps.
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The plethora of party parrot emojis does remind me of the large number of, like, ascii cows and such that the internet generated way back when.

As for collaboration chat software, I haven't had to use MS teams, but I am afflicted by the trash fire that is cisco's enterprise level jabber. It's a step back to the 1990's.
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I start a new job on Tuesday. Literally my first order of business will be to import the entire party parrot library, in large part because parrot-reacts are 60% of my communication over Slack and I’m not sure what to do without them. Words? It’s 2019, no one uses words. :ship-it-parrot:
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I never heard of the party parrot. When I saw the title I assumed this had something to do with the GOP.
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Party Parrot pushed me to disable animated GIFs throughout Slack. I liked it but the underlying webkit implementation caused battery usage to soar when any animated GIF was visible on-screen. 30% CPU dedicated to that dumb parrot. “Cycles well spent” was the official response. :)
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@avocet: from the last link:

"Then, just this week, I got an email from a Florida man claiming to be the person I had been looking for. What's more, he says he made the original emoji in December 2009 and uploaded it to Something Awful, a website popular in the 2000s for its comedic blog posts and forums. He had no idea his work had turned into a meme until he read my story on Tuesday. "
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This is relevant to my interests. Thank you.
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ok I have sent this link to all my co-workers, on the slack. did I win a cool?
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I am the only remote member of a small start up team, and a very large volume of our interactions are via various party parrots and their friends. it makes me feel a little more included in things...
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My office loves the party parrot and all of its variants. Someone has made a party parrot version of my company's logo. Looking at the Cult of the Party Parrot site just makes me feel like I forgot to sign off of work Slack.
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