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NBC News reporter Adiel Kaplan is no stranger to FOIA requests, and the odd results that they might return. But a recent request of theirs was puzzling, as it included an inexplicably redacted watermelon. (SLTwitter)

Needless to say, people seized on the opportunity to make all sorts of humorous references and puns based on the concept of a redacted watermelon.
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Hat tip for the Buckaroo reference.
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Another sock puppet name up for grabs, I say.
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That redacting square is either covering the hole you cut in the melon to pour in vodka, or a hole that could be used for sexual gratification.

Either way, I came here to mention Buckaroo Banzai, and am happy to see that's been taken care of.
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Inexplicably Redacted Watermelon is totally a deleted (or perhaps redacted?) chapter from House of Leaves.
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Someone in the thread noted that it's probably covering some company's sticker on the watermelon, since such stickers are trademarked. Plausible, but less entertaining!
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Inexplicably Redacted Watermelon just happens to be one of the opening acts for my fantasy naked rock festival to be held at an undisclosed location in Queens, NY in summah 2020!
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