But where's Skinny Boy?
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Katrin and Janine do an eating tour of New Orleans vis-a-vis a shot-for-shot copy of a Simpsons Episode (s.29 ep.17). There are some good stills here. The attention to detail is impressive.

They also like dancing. More Katrin
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That is a serious food crawl.
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I love the foot against the wall
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I feel like there was a post about the same idea when Binging with Babbish did it for his 5 million subscriber video, but I can't find it so possibly it's just my brain making things up again.

In any case the Babbish crew were making their own version when Katrin and Janine released this.

Nicely referenced in his making of video.

Both are of course excellent videos!
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I haven't seen the episode but I like to imagine it was just a great excuse for the artists to go on a trip to New Orleans. For this imagined scenario to work I have to ignore the realities of the animations production, and now I regret having imagined it.
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This is great, thanks for posting!
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Season Twenty Nine! what the fuck!
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It’s Season 31, now.
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This sounded pretty cool, but it was actually much cooler than that. Only quibble--no blue Homer pants?
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I wonder how many pounds she gained that week...
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I'm not falling for this, I know there were only 10 seasons
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