"She's so good-looking but she looks like four men"
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The Evolution of Paul [Instagram link]
The Evolution of John [Instagram link]
The Evolution of George [Instagram link]
The Evolution of Ringo [TikTok link]
Video artist Maris Jones dons Fab face and brings the Liverpudlian lads to life.
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Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Ringo.
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The cardboard guitars and drums are a nice touch.
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Ringo's the only one she didn't seem to get the feel for. Now, having said that, this is awesome! She really has the feel for the Beatles' little body mannerisms! Paul's little puppydog eye thing and George's stiff little body movements while playing guitar are especially great.
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To be fair, nobody gets Ringo.
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Out of all of them, to me she naturally looks the most like George.

Ringo's felt a bit rushed, yeah? But for the rest, great job. She even got that bit where Paul looked into the camera for "Hey Jude" with his "I'm super cute, right?" expression (I don't think he could help it).
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Wow, these are great. It's amazing how much she transforms herself, to not just capture each Beatle but to capture their specific persona during different eras. She gets Lennon's 1964 squinty sneer thing just right. And the wigs!
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I think that she gets Ringo perfectly.
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