The Designers and the Don
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The cops and prosecutors considered the case a test of their power to squelch the financial reach of major drug traffickers. But to Alexander and Frank, it was a test of their love.
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Seems the US Today website isn't available where I am (Europe). This seems to work as an alternative.
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Alexander and Frank come across as entirely sympathetic, and delightful, I'm glad things have largely worked out for them in the end.
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I'm not sure it was a great idea to participate in the article, though. Even if they didn't stash money offshore (which the article kind of implies), and all the money really did come from documented legacies, pissing off the FBI etc can result in them opening a new case and dragging through every record.
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Really the biggest difference between *these* billionaires and *those* billionaires is 1. laws and 2. who pays the armies.
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Give a prosecutor a hole fit for a mouse, they'll find a way to drive a truck through it. It's what they do. This is nothing compared to the penny ante shit they somehow manage to label as money laundering these days, like simply depositing cash they merely hope has some tenuous connection to a crime into a bank account or transferring the same between accounts.
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