Jake The Dog Comes To NPR...
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...Howls Along With All Things Considered Theme. When the All Things Considered staff saw a dog that howls only to the theme song of the show, they had to meet him. NPR's Ari Shapiro interviews Jake the dog. [3m]
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Now this is the news of our time!
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Does anyone have a link to the original tweet (my Google and Twitter-fu are failing me)?
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original tweet (first video result under search "jake the dog twitter")
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metafilter: quite chonky (ph).
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Thanks, hippybear. Guess I shouldn't have included "NPR" in my search string. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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I was surprised to find it so easily, truly. Sometimes I have keyword-fu. Other times, I can think of 30 words in different combinations and not find a thing and ask someone else and they go "poof" and there it is.
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Is his human named Finn?
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So much fun! But, yeah, dogs howling to a theme song—not a new thing. That, um, happened on the CBC’s “As It Happens” back in 2005. “Curried Soul” for the canine win, LOL!
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As the Christmas season approaches I particularly miss Hobbes, who never failed to sing along whenever he heard "Hark the Herald Angels Sing."

[He was also rather likely to join in whenever "Amazing Grace" was heard or on anything choral, but "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" was his signature jam.]
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I read the transcript of the interview and knew immediately I would have to listen because of the repeated mentions in the transcript of "sounds of dog sniffing". Apparently they had a separate mike for the dog and the host was slipping him treats the whole time.
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Please not that his human is a Ukraine expert and was delighted to talk about her dog instead of Ukraine, saying she owes him for all the times he's been left home alone while she was in Ukraine.
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These Tiny Desk Concerts are getting weird.
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This was a very tasty bonbon.
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Sings to All Things Considered, but not other NPR shows. 14/10
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