1960s Marvel cartoon theme songs
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The best thing about those Marvel Comics cartoons from the 1960s? The theme music.
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Spiderman is the only theme of the linked ones that I remember at all. I think it stayed on the air for a very long time. The others weren't played much, at least in my area.

An alternate take: Moxy Früvous does Spider-Man.
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Spider-man theme is a straight up classic. That my 3 year old has learnt it makes me a very proud dad. Of course, she identifies other superheroes (and Judge Dredd) as Spider-man, so we have a way to go yet on character identification.

There was one bit of incidental music they'd play in the 80s Hulk cartoon, usually when everything was going to crap, that was awesome.
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That Spiderman theme really takes me back to being a kid watching cartoons over a bowl of cereal in the morning, as I suspect it does for many other people. Thanks for this!
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Awesome, thank you! Of course I remember the Spiderman theme, the Capt. America one ain't bad either.
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The best thing about Spiderman was that it was In Color (oh for the days of the blink tag).
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The Thor one sounds like it could be the Asgard State University fight song.
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WFMU post on the Spider-Man music.
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As the author points out, it's awesome that Thor appeared on Thursday. I'm also amused by the choice of Sub-Mariner for Friday. Was someone in the decision-making process Catholic?
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The Ramones made an animated and a (mostly) live-action video of the Spiderman theme.
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The Hulk one is hilarious. The "ever-lovin' " Hulk?
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'Course the best version of the Spiderman theme is here. (Hometown boys, so I may be biased.)
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Wrong comic publisher, but I always thought that Wonder Woman was super funky.
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@lumensimus I was at that show. Spider-Man did indeed look cheap-ass.
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While the Ramones are unbeatably cool, those home-town boys (mine too) created an amazing tribute to those weekday lunch hour repeats of the show (before it was replaced by The Mighty Hercules
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I'm not sure that any Spider-Man, cheap-ass or not, really deserves what happened to that Spider-Man.
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Deliquescent, if you like the Wonder Woman theme song, try this.
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Without the Spider-Man theme, there would be no Spider-Pig.
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The Iron Man theme was pretty cool.

Even cooler is the fact that a) it was on the recent movie soundtrack as the original (attributed to "Jack Urbont"), as well as b) used as the basis of a swing version. It was a nice touch, I felt, when I cackled out loud in the theatre when I heard it.
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It's funny, back in Europe we didn't really get anything else apart from the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. Don't remember them looking as crappy though - they were either a newer version or I was too young to care :)
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"Asgard State University"

You do realize in the work of ten seconds you just wrote the next Gaiman novel, right?
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Another vote for the Spider-Man theme. It swings baby, it swings!!
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So that's the lyrics to the Hulk song. I could never figure them out. Sometimes I'd remember the cartoon just at bedtime and it would literally keep me awake.


You bastards! Evil BASTARDS! What the fuck kind of word is that? I was just a KID!!!

Isn't nostalgia wonderful?
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And they rhyme it with gamma-rays. Lazy sods.
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I can die happy.
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