"Sneaks the Cat" played by Edith from Circulation
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Michael Gannon, COO for Support Services at Prince George's County Memorial Library System, is having fun. In the low-budget but charming "Hard Hat Librarian" video series touting library construction and renovation, Gannon not only offers informative updates--he also provides architectural history lessons, unfiltered opinions of 1970s interior decoration choices, and a plethora of puns. Recommended viewing for lovers of wholesome fun, local government, and Maryland accents.

Episode 7, featuring Sneaks the Cat
Episode 11, in which the old carpeting is pronounced "gross"
Episode 3, featuring a last-second cameo by the mythical Goatman of Prince George's County
Episode 10, in which the shortfalls of 1970s energy-efficient construction (and ugly vertical blinds) are discussed

Or, if you prefer to watch sequentially: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.
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There is no episode 4 (there is no Miss Zarves).
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Dat's a Murlynn accent, awright! Thanks, S&C, these were sweet and even made me a little homesick. I'll be sharing these with family from the area.
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These are fantastic!
Though episode 5 doesn't particularly show it, the Laurel library is gorgeous.
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