Coyle and Sharpe
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Coyle and Sharpe were two geniuses of street improv. Their man on the street interviews and bizarre senses of humour were unique and daring. Check out these great mp3s. (Great to see MeFi back!)
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Other links to Coyle and Sharpe are here: 1 2 3.
posted by dobbs at 6:45 PM on July 15, 2002

You listen to "Daring But Dead" and wonder what happened to natural-sounding improvisation - it seems so much more alive than the phoney stuff you get nowadays. These guys understood listening.

From someone who'd never heard, even remotely of Coyle and Sharp - thanks a lot, dobbs.
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I was just thinking about looking for some of this stuff. Thanks Dobbs!
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Glad you folks dug them. If you ever see copy of the (out of print i think) CD "On The Loose," do yourself a favor and pick it up. It's got some fantastic stuff on it. "The Druggist" is probably my favorite. C&S go into a pharmacy and attempt to talk the druggist into selling them stuff to allow one to perform open heart surgery on the other... outside in the station wagon in the parking lot.
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