Sea Odyssey Giant Spectacular takes over the streets of Liverpool
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In 1912, ten year old May McMurray wrote a letter to her father saying how much she missed him and ending in "Dada this is my first letter". Her father never saw it, perishing aboard the Titanic two days later. This weekend, French company Royal De Luxe tells her story with the Sea Odyssey Giant Spectacular in the streets of Liverpool, England.

Throughout the weekend, in a dramatized version of May's story, the street theater company will be showcasing the Little Girl Giant and her dog Xolo as they roam the streets of Liverpool, looking for her long lost uncle, a deep-sea diver who for a century has been searching the ocean floor to find his brother and give him a proper burial and now is looking for his niece to return to her the letter that her father never received.

(You may recognize the Little Girl Giant from previous Royal De Luxe productions, including The Sultan's Elephant in London.)

This is not the first time that giant puppets have roamed the streets of Liverpool. In 2008, as part of the European Capital of Culture celebrations, French production company La Machine's giant spider La Princesse invaded the city (mefi thread 1 and 2).

(Royal De Luxe previously, and again)
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oh for pete's sake. I have to get a schedule or something so I will know when to sell the house to go see one of these.
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There is something so beautiful about these projects.
so innocent, almost child like.
all the crazy whimsy, the surrealism, to create a fantasy
simply because we can. It helps restore my faith in humanity.
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Despite all good intentions, it remains a scientific fact that inverse kinematics can get very big and realistically scary before anyone knows any better.
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Just makes me wish I lived somewhere and a life where I could actually get access to things like this.

Le sigh...
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For those who want to follow along for the rest of the weekend, the Giant Spectacular's facebook page is posting frequent live status update with lots of pictures.
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I wish I had know about this in advance. Last minute train tickets in England cost about 1 billion quid.
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Access? The rustbelt is full to brimming with disused industrial equipment like solenoids and pneumatic cylinders. Be the change giant animatronic puppeteer you want to see in the world!
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Heh. I live just down the road and I couldn't be arsed to go and see it.

Couldn't be bothered to go and see the spiders, either -- though I did catch a glimpse of it stuck to the side of a building on the Thursday or Friday night as I was coming home from London.
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Last minute train tickets in England cost about 1 billion quid.

Actually, sboisvert, Birmingham to Liverpool isn't bad if you make sure to travel via London Midland rather than Virgin Assrape. Off peak return is about £17, even if you buy the day you travel.
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^^^This is true. I got last minute tickets on the L'pool - B'ham train a few years back to see Crufts and it only costed about £23 or so. The show continues in Liverpool tomorrow!
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For posterity, and following on from the Little Girl Giant (part 1) and uncle (part 2) video links above, here are the final two videos to complete the story:

Part 3 - Little Girl Giant and Giant Uncle are reunited
Part 4 - The girl and her uncle sail away down the Mersey River
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