Killer grandmas
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A review of 36 years of data on pods of killer whales in the Pacific Northwest has found that "grandmothers who were no longer able to reproduce had the biggest beneficial impact on the survival chances of their grand-offspring." Press release, paper. Previously.
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“Why do post-menopausal women live so long?” science has asked for decades. Maybe they will finally figure it out now.
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Was having a conversation with a family member last night about changing social structures and the loss of “(grand)mothers mothering the new mothers” as they start raising their first children in our current American cultural make-up. I am getting squinty about this Orca study, wondering if the “benefits” have been seen largely thru a traditionally male sense of benefits, e.g., fighting and foraging. Would love to see other researchers look at this as well.
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The benefits are simply that more of the grand offspring survive. The mechanism by which the grandmother’s presence increases in survival is unclear, although the authors have hypotheses.

I don’t understand the characterization of foraging behavior as “male.” This is what all orcas do, regardless of their sex.
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The Grandmother Effect is an area of active research.
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See also Wikipedia’s coverage at the Grandmother Hypothesis.
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Sarah Blaffer Hrdy placed the Grandmother Hypothesis within the general question of alloparenting in her excellent book Mothers and Others.
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Our part-time/crappy wage economy seems to have been built in the backs of Grandmothers.
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