Dance Of The Sugarplum Good Boys
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From the people who brought you the viral sensation Dancers & Dogs comes an even more heartwarming project, this one based around helping homeless pets get adopted. Aptly titled “The Muttcracker,” the yearly endeavor from Kelly Pratt and Ian Kreidich features animals from Stray Rescue of St. Louis and teams them up with the St. Louis Ballet — longtime collaborators with the duo who perform "The Nutcracker" each winter.
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Am I reading this right? The blind chihuahua with the happiest ending is named Iris?
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Can you even imagine, losing your pet, looking everywhere, and then finding them, of all places, in a photoshoot with the mouse king?
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This had better get made into a holiday family movie with the chihuahua voiced by Tara Strong.
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Sorry about asking about nuts and bolts (mutts and bolts?) there supposed to be sound with the video from the second link, because I have my mute off and my speakers up and I'm getting nothing and I can't imagine it not having lots of cute sounds! Thanks for this, it really cheers me up!
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No, you're right. Here, have a Dancers & Dogs behind-the-scenes with sound.

I dropped a line to the author.
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DOH! Here's the actual link to the Dancers & Dogs video.
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