"An extraordinary moment"
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Remember two-year-old Parker Curry, who was entranced by Michelle Obama's official portrait? She and her Mom wrote a book about it. (Official Site)
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Right to the heart. What a sweet and wonderful story.
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With her little sister, Ava, dressed as her police escort, Parker went trick-or-treating (from first link)
Everything about all of this is extremely adorable!
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this is beautiful
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Is it a little sparkly in here or what? This is so lovely.
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Love how proud Parker looks when she's dressed up as Michelle.
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If a kid showed up at my door dressed as Michelle Obama I would just dump all the candy I had into their bucket and go watch Netflix for the rest of the night, because nothing else could come close.
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The cuteness levels are dangerously high!!
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Oh my god that picture of her in her Halloween costume. Or really all the pics in the first link. Wow, wow.
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Yes hello this is the best

Thank you for sending me off to bed with such a happy thought to guide my dreams
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