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Madonna sings Cesária Évora's famous morna, "Sodade" (with Dino D'Santiago).

Cesária's version

Cesária Évora - Crêtcheu Di Ceu
Cremilda Medina & Tito Paris - Nôs Morna
Nancy Vieira - É Morna
Teofilo Chantre - Alma Morna
Teofilo Chantre - Bô Viajá
Mornas de Cabo Verde [Spotify playlist]

Cesária Évora previously
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She’s doing something interesting with that guitar but I’m not sure what.
Props to her for taking up the challenge. She’s got guts, you have to give her that.
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lest nothing remain unappropriated …
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HI! NB, this song isn't Cesária's, but was written by Armando Zeferino Soares and first popularied by the singer known as Bonga, from Angola. I'm not going to comment on Madonna's version or her portuguese.
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I really liked Madonna's version, but it's almost unfair posting it with the original, which is absolutely sublime. Thanks you so much for that!

I didn't know Cesária Évora before your post, but her voice sounded somewhat familiar, and I found why - Ausencia.
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Ditto what doggod said. Also was not familiar with the word "Sodade", which according to wikipedia, comes from the Portuguese "Saudade":
Saudade is a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one cares for and/or loves. Moreover, it often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might never return.
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I said it in '11 in the previous thread, and I'll say it here again: timeless, beautiful, haunting, Petit Pays by Cesaria Evora is a masterwork.
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Most of what Cesaria Evora did was/is a masterwork. All of it is worth listening to. The same cannot be said about Madonna.
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The only longing I felt in Madonna's version was the longing to hear something else, I'm afraid.
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NB, this song isn't Cesária's, but was written by Armando Zeferino Soares and first popularied by the singer known as Bonga, from Angola.

And here's a version with Cesaria and Bongo singing it together.
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I love both Cesaria's and Bonga's versions. This might be a good place to drop Luaka Bop's great Afro-Portuguese compilation Telling Stories to the Sea, which features both artists.
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Stromae’s ode to Cesaria is worth listening to.
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Give her credit for trying, I guess.
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I'm not one to suggest that anyone stay in their lane, but sometimes I'm reminded why it is occasionally healthy advice.

I like Madonna for a lot of reasons. This, unfortunately, is not one of them. I had to stop, but was glad that there were other links to listen to completely! Never heard of morna before...
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i thought she was trying to do it more as a fado song - and i did hear that feeling in her voice a bit - i'll let others more familiar with the music judge whether that was a good thing to do or whether she did it well, but she certainly doesn't have the voice to go all out and do it like cesaria

but i'd bet other singers from portugal have sung it in a similar way
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Given the talk of appropriation, when would it be considered fair for other artists to attempt the music? Cesária Evora has been dead for nine years - do we wait another nine before anyone is allowed to cover it?
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Madonna has a specific personal history with appropriation that is going to color reactions toHer performance more than abstract questions about the concept.
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This is a lovely post, and thanks os tuberoes for introducing me to Bongo, I'm on a binge now. No one can match Cesária Evora at being Cesária Evora, and least of all Madonna. In a way, Madonna's special sauce is being fiercely ambitious, and that very quality works against the spirit of Evoria's music. Saudade is the opposite of fierce.
There was a hint of not-fierceness on Ray of Light, but because of this post I listened to a few tracks, and it is probably more of a production thing than Madonna's singing that creates the (slightly) softer sound.
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"Madonna simultaneously illustrates two different definitions of 'tone-deaf.'"
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Madonna and Cesária aside, thank you chavenet for that spotify collection of mornas. Some really nice stuff in there.
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Yeah Madonna's version just falls flat. She sings it like any other song. Part of what's so magic about Evora is just how deep and rich her singing is. Very few performers have what she has; Billie Holiday leaps to mind. Now I'm shuddering at the idea of Madonna performing Strange Fruit. Perhaps she knows better.

I love the set Madonna's playing on though. It manages to look like a homey Lisbon fado cafe when actually it's a stage in a 3000+ person auditorium. The musicians look like they're having fun too. I wonder how many are locals? Lisbon is amazing right now, this past couple of years. It's almost a tourist cliche now but I highly recommend visiting if you want to hear this kind of music but done well, in much smaller settings.

One of the best things Metafilter has done for my life is introduce me to Cesaria Evora. Sadly, on the occasion of her death. I've now absorbed most of her catalog and am hungry for me. Excited about that Spotify morna playlist.
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The first time I heard Cesaria Evora and Sodade I knew what it meant without knowing any of the words. She’s amazing. I’m sad I never got to see her live.

It’s wild to me that it’s a common remix sample/track even now.

Gonna have to check out the video of Cesaria and Bonga when I’ve had a better day. Today is not the day for that gem.
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I saw Cesaria Evora live once, and the barefoot diva was pretty damn extraordinary. That being in the same room with her voice was fantastic wasn't a surprise--but what also blew me away was the subtlety of her accompanying band. All those guitars and cavaquinhos blended together so lusciously. It sounded like a mountain stream of sound.
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I saw her live in the late 1990’s at a festival and she was amazing. Head and shoulders above most of the other performances.
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