The CEO White House
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The CEO White House has yet another CEO with credibility problems. On Mr. O'Neill: "Administration officials "need to bring in someone with real credibility, with a good understanding of economics and who understands politics," said Stephen Moore, president of the Club for Growth, a conservative political action committee."
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Hum, Pall O'Neill seems like a nice guy. The first thing O'Neill did when he took over Alcola was to improve worker saftey. People had less injuries at Alcola when he left then they did at the US tresury department.

And the contention that he 'never sold a single share' is both technicaly correct (he sold lots) and correct in spirit (since the money went right back in).

Remember, it's not like O'Neill is some bush crony, Bush whent to him after he was elected and it took a lot of convincing.
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there are good things about O'Neill not being a politician type, though the markets sure don't find his style reassuring during rough times like we have now......but hell, he's at least miles better than Lawrence Lindsey, who the markets seem to have absolutely zero respect for.
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