can be little nuisances when not frozen
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Apparently, there are "entrepreneurs" who are collecting them to be sold as "chicken of the tree".
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What's crazy is that they can survive having their body temperatures drop so much.
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Iguanas could try collecting stunned entrepreneurs and selling them as... eh, who am I kidding? No one wants to buy an entrepreneur; you just occasionally do it by mistake.
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Yes, there are really that many iguanas down there. They are literally everywhere. I think we might be able to take it off the CITES list soon and start exporting iguana nuggets.

Also: The same thing happens with snakes, which can be exciting in a small boat.
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I've seen articles about taco stands serving iguana meat...but if they tasted all that great I'm sure there wouldn't be so darn many of them running around everywhere.
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I remember Bourdain had iguana meat, may even have been tacos, on whatever was his first show on the Travel channel, in Mexico. He was not impressed.
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Wildlife conservationists recommend people not touch frozen iguanas as they may come back to life and feel threatened if a person is close.
If they're an invasive species, why are wildlife conservationists so concerned with their feelings?
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Presumably you can't advocate harassing wild animals and/or animal abuse even if they are invasive.

Like there are feral cats around where I work but they catch, spay/neuter them and re-release them instead of the presumably cheaper catch & kill method of population control.
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They’re likely more concerned with the nasty whack they can give you with their tail (the iguana’s tail, not the conservationist’s)
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My only concern about iguana entrepreneurs is that market hunting always fucks up everything.

But if I found a stunned iguana, sure I'd try eating it. Reptile meat is very chicken-like. Iguanas even carry salmonella, just like chickens.
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Presumably you can't advocate harassing wild animals and/or animal abuse even if they are invasive.

Presumably this varies by locality. but tell that to the cane toads in Aus, or the possums in NZ...
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The latest trend in the Godzilla franchise. Forget atomic bombs in the Pacific, it's all about frozen mini-zillas thawing out in a neighborhood near you.
Kind of like the choice between a pool of piranha and a pool with a big shark.
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I don't believe there has been a winter since I moved to Miami that there hasn't been at least one round of stories about iguanas falling from trees.

The big lizards, including iguanas, are actually pretty rare, at least around where I live. I can't remember seeing one "in the wild," come to think of it. Smaller lizards and chameleons, on the other hand, are a very common sight. When the weather is warmer, there are usually at least a few on my front porch every time I walk outside, despite the feral chickens occasionally enjoying them as a snack.
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I wish I was in Tijuana/
Eating barbecued iguana
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You can eat till you don't wanna
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