She was born in spring But I was born too late
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She dropped a coin into the cup
Of a blind man at the gate...
“...Probably my favorite Dylan cover on what is easily my favorite Jerry Garcia Band recording. If not my favorite of any of Jerry's live output, The "After Midnight- Kean College 1980" show.
Then watch the show from the next night, 03/01/80 ... Two of his best ever....”
Via late night Local Stain MLTSHP
Dylan's version from Blood on the tracks (and Live from around Rolling Thunder)
Other covers:
Joan Baez from "Diamonds & Rust"
Jeff Twiddy
Diana Krall

"My best JRB / Grateful Dead concert was at....."
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One of my favorite Dylan songs. Thanks.
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French singer (and obsessed Bob Dylan scholar) Francis Cabrel translated this song for his Dylan cover album Vise le Ciel. The whole album is a treasure, but this is particularly lovely: Un simple coup du sort
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"Twiddy"? Is that a joke I'm not getting?
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humboldt32 oops, spelling error
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Tangled Up in Blue is a hall of mirrors, mists and regrets. Which take is most sublime ? Depends. Upon time and perspective. And other things.

And the portions are not small!
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Love the JGB. Jerry does great covers of Dylan. The Dead do too.

One of my favorite covers of Dylan is from Mary Lee Corvette. She covers the entire Blood on the Tracks album. Worth a listen.
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