"Hello, 911? That lady caught me taking a selfie"
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Samantha Irby (whole buncha previously), NYT Bestselling author of We Are Never Meeting In Real Life and writer behind the best episode of Hulu's Shrill is featured in The New Yorker with an excerpt from her forthcoming book, Wow, No Thank You.
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Should I be honest about who I really am as a person and factor in twenty minutes of bedside-sitting-and-staring-into-space time?

Sam Irby sees me.
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Hello, 911? Is some invisible force going to push me down this flight of stairs?

Time to get in the hold queue at the library, because I've been directly called out!
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I'm a big fan of her newsletter, where she has been posting daily recaps of Judge Matthis episodes. I am now deeply emotionally invested in Judge Matthis.
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I'm in this picture article and I don't like it.

*adds to to read list*
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just wanted to take a brief moment here to braggy brag that I got to meet Sam in real life when we performed on the same bill this past weekend at Write Club in Chicago where she told a story about pissing and it was hilarious and awful and I love her
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If I had met the author of "We Are Never Meeting in Real Life" in Real Life, I would be pretty braggy, too.
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... my entire body clenched in anticipation of the car jumping the curb and crashing through the plate-glass window of a laundromat, because the dude took his eyes entirely off the road for at least twelve seconds.

Oh god yes, every damn time!
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Love Samantha Irby, so excited for the new book!
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