Continental liar from the state of Maine
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Brief histories of contested national conventions: Republican, Democratic.
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"Ma, Ma, where's my Pa?" "Gone to the White House, Ha! Ha! Ha!"
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Democracy is the worst system of government except for all the other ones.
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Any legit odds on Bloomberg yet?
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The Democrats used to require 2/3 of delegates to win the nomination. For almost a century. This led to many, many disasters, probably most notably in 1924.
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Any legit odds on Bloomberg yet?

predictit currently has shares of Bloomberg As 2020 Dem Nominee for 24 cents each; that's second place, between Sanders and Biden.
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So, since the 1968 reform that required every state to have a primary or caucus “so that the people’s choice couldn’t be easily thwarted again,” there has been only one contested convention in either party, and the ultimate winner there (Gerald Ford) was the leader in number of primary votes and delegates heading into the convention.

Anyone who thinks they can sweep into a contested convention without a single primary delegate or even without the lead and walk away with the nomination (ahem Bloomberg) without ripping the party apart and causing a nationwide scandal seems fairly delusional to me. It’s one thing to broker a nominee when primaries didn’t exist, but that would be publicly overruling the vote of the people.
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Ha! The vote of the people gets overridden all the time and nobody pays a price.
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Well, except for the people.
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Master of this House/Quick to cause us pain/Continental liar from the state of Maine
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I might be reading it wrong, but to me it looks like Predictit currently has Bernie in first place at $0.47, followed by Bloomberg at $0.21, followed by Biden at $0.15. Might have been readjusted.

It does comport with my sense that Biden is tumbling headlong into the sunken place.
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I was recently reading the start of one of the Caro books about LBJ, which mentions a pile of complex wrangling before JFK was chosen as Dem prez candidate in 1960. So was this uh contested? Just askin for clarification?
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JFK came into the convention just short of the delegates needed, but some people flipped and he won on the first ballot. So not technically contested, I'd say.
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