Abandoned places
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Abandoned places and abandoned spaces hold all sorts of mystery for the curious sort, and Zone-Tour takes you along to view some fantastic urban wastelands with pictures and movies. Inspired to do some investigation of your own? Then check out Infiltration - "The 'Zine about Going Places You're Not Supposed to Go"
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mentioned on memepool.com as well
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Roswell missle silo? fab, baby.
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Thanks for these links. The industrial underbelly of major urban centers is fascinating. Photographing these places creates art out of spaces and objects never meant to be consumed by the public eye.

I live in downtown manhattan and if it weren't for the fact that i'd be arrested as a suspected terrorist for taking pictures of government buildings, i'd probably do more of this (photography) myself. It's a police state around here, these days.
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More on urban exploration at this MeFi thread, with some good links. Also see this Urban Exploration webring as well as Yahoo!'s collection of links. Fascinating stuff.
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pinto: Ah, but just off manhatten is the nice and creepy renwick ruin which people have managed to get to.
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I'll have to check that out. I've seen it from afar and remember my father telling me he thought it was an abandoned mental institution, but I hadn't thought about the place in a few years. Modern ruins. What a concept.
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Is a group I'm a member of. We expolre drains, tunnels, bridges, old buildings, air conditions ducts - well anything we can get into. It's great to go and see planes that we're just not soposed to. It's my goonie fantasy come true.
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Earlier this month, k10k (iirc) had a link to abandoned-places.com... this first came to mind when I read this.
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I had some laughs looking at their page about sneaking into fancy hotels and taking a dip in the pool.

Here in Japan it's taboo to cross the perimeter of many of these keyhole-shaped imperial burial mounds (called "kofun" in Japanese, in case someone asks). There was a minor one (only about 80m long) for some forgotten emperor in the town where I used to live, but it was fenced off with a narrow moat. That's the kind of place where my friends and I would have gone to secretly drink beer when we were kids in the U.S., just to be bad, but I couldn't find one Japanese guy who had ever broken the taboo.
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Weird, I was about to post the same thing on Monday. here are some other links :)
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