Corona music
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I'm loving these guys and just wanted to share. It looks like they are doing a new corona song everyday. Stay Home; Patient
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These are great, thanks for posting them. For all of the songs: playlist of the Stay Homas's Confination songs channel
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Oh my these are fucking amazing. It's a mix of languages and I really love it, because that seems to communicate in the undertones that we're globally in this together.

I'm immediately sharing these with my University Department. And I might put 'em on loop.
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An article in El Nacional.Cat about the musicians. The languages are Catalan, Spanish, and English.
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These are wonderful songs!! I'll be checking in with the Stay Homas every day from here on in, thank you for posting this.
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Quite a few CV related songs popping up on MeFi Music channel (none can top this for humor). If you never listen to the music podcast, this Music link to your upper right streams so you can give it a try without even downloading. Pepsi Blue disclosure - I post there, too.
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Thank you so much! Those really brought a smile to my face. The guest singers on the phone were a fun surprise, too.
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I read this article about how Russians have been panic buying sex toys iin advance of a lockdown - and I was impressed that there is a nation of people who are probably going to have more fun in their confinement than those of us who stocked up on pasta. So it is with the Stay Homas - they just seem like they are having the best time!

In the vein of Corona songs - I would also strongly recommend "Stay the Fuck at Home" (singer Rekording, lyrics by Chris Franklin)
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UPDATE: If you follow the Stay Homas on Instagram, then you may have seen their announcement about having booked a show this July at Barcelona's Salo Apolo, and the tickets sold out in ten minutes. I'm so happy for these talented young men, and I dearly hope that things have cleared up enough by then for their show to happen.
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I would so love to see the Stay Homas live. Although somehow the appropriate place to do so seems to be right up there on their roof terrace - passing them beers and kitchen utensils as needed. I hope they keep their "guest vocalists via smartphone" feature for their live show. El Kanka - Estamos mal is composition XI for today.
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