Remember Blogs? They’re back now.
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“ Only a third of NYFW shows were in person. People weren’t flying from Europe unless their companies could pay for carbon offset. An acquaintance who split car fare with me at the Paris shows WhatsApped me to say I should eat a plate of gnocchi marinara for her at the red sauce joint that used to be popular with our crowd. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that it was still boarded up.” Nostalgia Is A Permanent Condition, a near future short story at Indoor Voices, a group blog for quarantined writers.
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Don't call it comeback / we been here for years
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I’m Clinging to Personal Writing More Than Ever Right Now

I despise social media and its short updates and miss blogs myself. So I agree with wanting to see people actually like....write something that isn't 17 different tweets in one go.

I suspects blogs still won't really come back into popularity because social media ate literally everything and everybody, but maybe a few blogs will come back these days? It would be nice.
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My anecdotal view for the past yearish is that newsletters are growing up to fill some of the informational/creative niche that blogs used to. But that's hardly universal or definitive.
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I'm ready for the '00s revival.
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Wow, this was grim. I can see it.

I thought of posting this blog here myself because I particularly liked this post: Coffeecore Extended Universe. It's a bittersweet little piece about the aesthetic of fantasy office work.
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I liked it. Grim, as Countess Elena says, but with hopeful aspects as well, I thought: universal health care and decent wages; monuments to health workers; cleaner air, and carbon taxes. Honestly, if any of that stuff actually happens after this is all over, I will be pleasantly surprised. How's that for grim!
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I keep journals (when I remember to post) and various other assorted detritus on my gophersite, accessible via my MeFi profile. Some COVID-19 material included. Prepare for the shock of plain text files and directory navigation...
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That was both lovely and the kind of upsetting that makes me feel kinda ambivalent about surviving this thing. Which is kind of how a lot of What If writing right now makes me feel these days. I mean, my top priorities right now are “hug my mother” and “see friends, any friends” again, which is what is keeping me going, but god, everything—even the lovely, borderline hopeful stuff—is so soul-killingly bleak.
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Am I just not seeing the name of the author?
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"Posted by daisy at 21:26"
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remember blogs? they're back, in pog form
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Daisy being Daisy Alioto

Kate Wagner of McMasion Hell fame has posted things too, as well as some former Awl and Toast writers.
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Self-Plug: If any of you remember Posterous; I've built a successor that launched this week. If interested, drop me a line.
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even the lovely, borderline hopeful stuff—is so soul-killingly bleak

And such small portions!
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