American Family Pictures 2002.
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American Family Pictures 2002. "2002 was a pretty good year for the family. We made some new friends and re-sparked some old acquaintances. It didn't end on such a good note, but like granddad used to say, 'you can't will em all, even if you are undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.'"
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Awww, Musharraf looks so cute with that little general's hat on. And look how nicely they're playing together, sharing their weapons of mass destruction and all. A few of them look like they soiled their underwear.
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I can't seem to get a scroll bar, so I can't see the whole doesn't seem to be linked from the main page of the site, and I wouldn't even know where to look in the archives, since there isn't a search option.

Can you tell me how you got there, so perhaps if I use their links I can scroll through the page and not just see the stuff above the fold? Thanks. :) Are others having this problem, or just me? Perhaps it just hates my browser. :)
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i'm having the same problem.
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They disabled vertical scrolling on that page because the layout is simply a really big background image, and it gets screwed up if you scroll. A consequence of poor design.

I can see it because I'm on a 19" monitor at 1280x1024 resolution. I've mirrored a screenshot if anyone is still interested.
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