Around the world in 1,200 days… on a UNICYCLE
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Five years ago, Ed Pratt (previously) was a fresh-faced 19-year-old setting out from Somerset to unicycle around the world to raise money for the School in a Bag charity. A bit more than three years later, after a trip that included many encounters and adventures riding through China, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Australia, and the USA, he made it safely home. Ed recently uploaded the final episode, an epic (for him) hour and a quarter video covering the last segment riding from Edinburgh to Somerset: 1,200 DAYS Around The World On A Unicycle - RETURNING HOME [22,000 Miles Of Cycling].
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I've really enjoyed these, Ed is charming and insane. I believe these two qualities merge into what the English call eccentric. Anyway, he's awesome.

In his SE Asia series, he faced a time constraint that he was completely non-plussed about, whereas I would have been a giant ball of panic. I think his coolness is why most of us don't unicycle around the globe. Really enjoyable.
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On balance, that guy must have a one-track mind to accomplish such an amazing feat.
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“Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun”
- Noël Coward

“I had no idea how hot it could get at noon, nor how humid, nor how bad the biting bugs could get. But my visa expired in 2 days, so I had to keep pedaling for the border.”
- Ed Pratt, who apparently is both.
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He's got a very nicely edited Q&A up on his Patreon now. He's back in Kyrgyzstan, quarantined with his girlfriend.
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That's awesome! I couldn't probably make it around the block on a unicycle...
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Been watching these for years. Some amazing ups and downs - literally and figuratively.
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God, this is lovely. Also, whoever is editing these has a great hand. Is he doing it himself on the road?

As someone who was just starting to get into bikepacking/touring last year, this post speaks to me. Thank you.
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