F&^% jar sauce!
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It's the swearingest Aussie YouTube cooking channel that we need in these difficult times. Nat's What I Reckon shows you how to make Quarantine Sauce, Carbo-Rona Sauce, Quarantine Spirit Risotto, End of Days Bolognese, Sin Bin Soup and the Crowd Goes Mild Curry. NSFWFH if you have kids or other sensitive humans around.
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This made me intensely homesick, especially when he said to give the risotto "a good belt of white wine”. Happy Anzac Day, you legends.
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These are great!
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I'm gonna make that curry today! Bang it on a plate and Robert's yer fathu's brother, lunch.
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NSFWFH: brilliant.
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I've been enjoying these a lot on social media. But let's be honest, that's pretty fancy for antipodean cooking. He needs to learn how to speed cook.

Speed cooking: How to catch, smoke, and cook a fish dinner from a moving Camper van/a>
Extreme Speed Cooking (with special celebrity chef Jo Seagar)
Fastest Cook in the World does Quiche Lorraine
Speed Cooking: How to cater for a wedding of 50 in under three minutes

and more (Youtube Playlist)
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These are my new favourite cooking videos. I love how he gives people permission to "use what you have, cut it up how you want". When I first started cooking I followed recipes to the letter; I'd hunt down specific ingredients I'd only use once, for that recipe; I'd pull out the measuring spoons for salt and oil. Once I got over all that, cooking was a lot more fun.

Also he has totally awesome knife skills I wanna chop onions like that
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"Free range lorikeet broth" is my new sockpuppet name.
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I love these. F*ck jar sauce.
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I kept expecting Welcome to the Jungle to start but really it was the colonial style spice rack in the back that rounded it out for me.
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Sorry dude. I come from a long line of Italian, simmer the homemade sauce all day people. Sometimes I don't feel like doing the dance. After a long period of testing I have found sauce in a jar that is made from San Marzano tomatoes. And it's pretty damn good.
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I come from a simmer-the-homemade-sauce-all-day grandmother and I bridled at that sauce, too, but then I thought, well, to be fair, what he ends up with is going to taste exactly like jar sauce.
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I laughed my arse off at this. All the haters take note that at least he's not putting fucking sugar in it like most half-arsed restaurants do.
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I just want to go on record that I am not a hater. I especially liked when he said that just because it's the end of the world doesn't mean you have to eat like a fuckwit. I loled.
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Fuck I love it when he napalmed himself with the cooking chilis. I did that for a pickle brine where lazy ass me put it in the microwave to heat up forgetting I put a tablespoon of chili flake in it. The entire house's sinuses were clear for days.
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I love how his stock pot lid is a random one that doesn't actually fit, just like mine.

I also loled at the "it doesn't fucking Parramatta".
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I clicked on the Bolognese because it's a good test of what people like, and IMO, he's legit. (Well except for the rosemary. But I can live with that).
Why are there two different kitchens, though?
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"Never buy rosemary. Go for a fuckin walk, it grows out the back of pubs." Love this guy. That potato-leek soup looks fantastic.
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SKILL LIVIL: BEGINNAH. Happy to confirm that the potato-leek soup turned out delicious despite no free range rosemary in Brooklyn.
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I saw this last week and have taken to saying "fuck that off" more than is probably wise.
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Seriously, I've watched every one of these at least 5 times. It's very much my own cooking style. No pretense. No preciousness. Just good shit. I just wish I had the linguistic panache.
And now I have to say "bang it in a bowl" every time.
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Thanks, rory - you've just introduced me to my new favourite Aussie.
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Here's a Grauniad piece about him. Seems like a genuinely interesting bloke.
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Two new ones: Wham Bam Thank You Lamb and Chili Con Can't Go Outside.
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