Food For Thought For Serious Foodies And Would-Be Pros:
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Food For Thought For Serious Foodies And Would-Be Pros: is mainly written by professional cooks for professional cooks but obsessive, perfectionist gastronomes like you and I can join in too. It's delightful and delicious; like a MetaFilter for fussy gluttons, over-curious gourmets and gastro-porn addicts. Today, celebrated chefs Dan Barber and Michael Anthony, currently wowing New Yorkers at the Blue Hill restaurant, will be answering questions from hoi-polloi such as ourselves. My question's already in...[ From the August issue of Food and Wine magazine, where Michael Anthony was interviewed as one of the best new American chefs.]
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Very interesting. I'll have to check that out more when I get a free hour or two. Thanks, Miguel!
posted by me3dia at 12:00 PM on July 25, 2002

I'd like a good recipe for birthday cake.
posted by ColdChef at 12:00 PM on July 25, 2002

That is one hell of a serious site, very good though. I particularly liked the Fat Guys world tour, notwithstanding the curious definition of world, peculiar to North Americans.
posted by Fat Buddha at 12:05 PM on July 25, 2002

Good call, ColdChef!
posted by adampsyche at 12:39 PM on July 25, 2002

posted by Marquis at 12:46 PM on July 25, 2002

If you like egullet, be sure to check the food site from which egullet's founder was ejected : Chowhound. I use the chicago board all the time to plan outings. It doesn't have formal celebrity chef q&a's : people in these message boards are notoriously leery of celebrity chef-style hype: the classic chowhound chef is a columbian lady that grills arepas under the train tracks in the outer boroughs rather than emeril. But many food industry insiders post and read what's there. And if you can manage wading through the remarkably minimal chaff, there is a huge trove of info about eating all over the country, and the world in these boards.
posted by sfz at 12:56 PM on July 25, 2002

Cool Site. But they need a snack food guru. I'm available.
posted by jonmc at 1:34 PM on July 25, 2002

I've gained around 20 lbs since I quit smoking.

(And my lungs still hurt anyway. Dammit.)

I no longer own a comfortable pair of pants.

I make that "errrrrr" noise if I bend over to tie my shoes.

This is the last site I needed to see.
posted by PinkStainlessTail at 1:40 PM on July 25, 2002

I found that the various regional Chowhound boards were of quite variable quality. The Boston/New England one wasn't all that great.
posted by briank at 1:46 PM on July 25, 2002

Chowhound gets my vote for eatery tips, though the eGullet celeb chef interviews are interesting. Chowhound's dedicated audience wins it the nod (I wanted to know where the best "banh mi," Vietnamese sandwiches, were in NYC; one search, 15 seconds, good dope fast. Katz's pastrami is now officially my second favorite NYC sandwich.

For a community board to learn about cooking (professional and amateur), recipes, culinary instruction and restaurant management , try Cheftalk.
posted by sacre_bleu at 3:44 PM on July 25, 2002

Egullet's far too snotty for my taste, full of restaurants that I'd never be able to afford to go to anyway. I think that "it's good because it's expensive" foodies are even more foolish as the "it's good because it's all you can eat for $4.95" types.

No, I'm not jealous; my parents just raised me with common sense.

Chowhound is better, but some of their boards are headed in the same direction. Bummer.
posted by mark13 at 4:00 PM on July 25, 2002

I'm glad to see Michael doing something with his time now that Van Halen's not touring.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 5:32 PM on July 25, 2002

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