so-called "Grand" "Canyon"
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Earle E. Spamer, a (now retired) member of the editorial board of the Annals Of Improbable Research, archivist of the American Philosophical Society and longtime researcher in and supporter of The Grand Canyon asks, over a long career: What Grand Canyon?
Is The Grand Canyon A Fake? [PDF], Spamer 2006, AIR 12-2 [PDF], see also Spamer's Other Grand Canyons, ibid.
What Lies Behind The Grand Canyon? (AIR 16-5 [PDF]) posted by the man of twists and turns (13 comments total) 12 users marked this as a favorite

Fellow citizens of Metafilteria! I give you the GRANDEST OF ALL CANYONS: Canyon Falls, The Grand Canyon of the Upper Peninsula. What makes this canyon so special? Not only is it beautiful and sparsely visited, it's just minutes away from the Hilltop Restaurant in L'Anse (I bet you don't pronounce this town's name correctly), MI, home of the grandest of all cinnamon rolls.
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L'Anse (I bet you don't pronounce this town's name correctly)

Actually I do. But I'm British.
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Pronouncing "L'Anse" incorrectly is known as "Lansing," and violators are forced to leave the Upper Peninsula but allowed to remain in Michigan in a town whose name is a secret.
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Is a terrible.

That said, for all the mentions of all the canyons all over the world, no love for the Black canyon of the Gunnison in all those lists? 2000 foot drops, and the other side so close you can hear people over there talking?
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They’re good canyons Bront
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Black canyon of the Gunnison

#3 in the "See Also: Six US Canyons" above
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Mr. Spamer is some sort of shirt-tail relative of my wife. When her late father started his decades-long quest to run down his family tree, he discovered that Mr. Spamer had extensive genealogical records of their family. He was a huge and generous help, as my-father-in law was stymied by the presence of a key relative named John Smith. (This fact nearly got my FIL kicked out of a Mormon family research center.)

Earle Spamer, who was is also (I believe) a librarian for either the state of Pennsylvania or for one the state universities, was a hero to my father-in-law. I'm glad to know that genealogy was not his only ... um, interest.
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I hiked the Paria, it is all that!
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A Canon crashed across the canyon, fired from a cannon
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Oregon has a couple of other magnificent canyons: Imnaha Canyon in the NE corner of the state (near Hells Canyon) and Owyhee Canyon in the SE. Both are gobsmacking.
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as my-father-in law was stymied by the presence of a key relative named John Smith

Hee. I know that feeling. When I first started trying to find information for the most recent immigrants in my family tree, all I knew about that set of great-great-great-grandparents was that they were named John and Jane Smith and had supposedly immigrated from England to Missouri.
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Pennsylvania Grand Canyon checking in
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