The Last of us are BLind, TOo
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This blog post provides an in-depth look at accessibility features from The Last of Us Part 2, due for release June 19.

Previously, about the trailer… Naughty Dog, previously
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Speaking personally, I'm seriously tempted to get a PS4 just for this game, if only because i've never had any remotely similar experience before. This is unprecedented in game accessibility.
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This is SO COOL.
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Incredible!! Thank you for following this so closely Alensin.
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Because holding or rapidly tapping buttons can be challenging for some players, we have individual options to change every button hold into a toggle, and every rapid press into a hold.

I turn this on whenever I’m given the option simply because click-holding thumbsticks and mashing buttons is for chumps. Games shouldn’t hurt your hands or rely on brute force by design.
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This is really welcome, and I'm pretty stoked for this game. I never think of my nearsightedness as a disability, but as game components got teensier I started to have some real trouble with certain video games.

Last time we talked about this one of the devs from God of War popped in, so hoping we can get some inside dirt from some of the people who are making this stuff happen.
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I am most curious about the environmental audio, since my last experience with AAA titles was a long time back. not much room for voice acting on old cartridges. :-)
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