( •_•) . ( •_•)>⌐■-■ . (⌐■_■) ...he should have ducked.
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I'll admit that I didn't expect the summary to be literally true.
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"A duck wearing a bow tie suffered injuries following a brawl with a dog in a pub" shall never be surpassed as an opening sentence.

and then the murders began
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Witnesses say a wisecracking rabbit goaded the duck into the fight and was later heard asking, "Ain't I a stinker?"
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This post is good and is an example of why I come to MetaFilter. More like this please.

Also, I hope the duck is okay. Snapped its lower beak in half? Yikes!
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Well, that's an unpleasant surprise.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though. A lot of "cute animal" stories actually involve the animal being frightened or injured in some way. Sometimes it's ignorance, but sometimes it seems like people just aren't bothered?

I don't really understand. But for me, a story in which an animal is seriously injured isn't uplifting. The cutesy framing and twee music doesn't make it better that this animal was mauled by a dog. If anything it makes it worse.
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So the duck's medical bill was higher than his bar bill?
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Are we sure it wasn’t a goose. I’m pretty sure this was a mission in UGG.
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Nature is healing 🥰
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Stop me if you've heard this one:

A Duck walks into a bar. Goes up and says: "I'll have a beer and a sandwich."
Bartender says: "What The Hell? I've Never Seen A Talking Duck!"
Duck says: "hey, if you can hear me talking, just gimme a beer and sandwich now. I'll be working on gig in town all this week, so if you can gimme a decent beer and a sandwich, I'll be back."

The next day, the Circus comes into town. The Ringmaster and his wrangler go into the bar and order rounds. The Bartender goes up to them and says: "hey, there's this Talking Duck! He eats sandwiches, drinks beer, and talks! You should hire him!" The Ringmaster presents his business card and says: "give this duck my card, tell him to talk to me."

The next day, the Duck walks into the bar and orders a beer and a sandwich.
The Bartender says: "I mentioned you to the Circus, they want to hire you!"
The Duck says: "the Circus... is with the tents & poles & elephants & all that kinda stuff?"
The Bartender says: "yeah, something like that..."
The Duck says: "why would they want to hire a drywaller?"
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and now ovvl has given me my opening for my conversation with my coworkers tomorrow morning.
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Man walks into a bar,
Duck says, "Duck!"
Then, John Wick 4.
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This just reminds me of that unfortunate plot line in The Wire season 2.
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I'm curious what compels a duck to want to drink beer.
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I'm curious what compels a duck to want to drink beer.

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It's just missing narration by David Attenborough.
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I'm curious what compels a duck to want to drink beer.
Gotta have something to wash down all those grapes.
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That talking duck joins the circus joke is perhaps my favorite joke of all time.
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Ducks are total bastards. I’m not surprised Star is a mean drunk.

The best thing I can say about ducks is, at least they’re not geese.
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I wonder if dog was baffled, angry, or wanting beer.
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I started playing it, but like ten seconds in it switched to an ad? What gives, New Zealand Herald?
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