Wobbly Wally Watts
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An interview with Walter J. Watts, an Edmonton boy who rode a unicycle around the world in the 1970s, by Ed Pratt, a Somerset boy who rode a unicycle around the world in the 2010s.
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Slightly disappointed that this isn't about unicycling Wobblies but this is still very cool.
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Where the Hell is Matt.... in this conversation?
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I imagine their conversation on padded undergarments would be quite insightful.
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unicycling Wobblies

Workers of the world uni... cycle?
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Around 27:30 I learned that solo sailing around the world is for introverts and solo unicycling around the world is for extroverts.
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Ed Pratt, previously, more previously.
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This is great, thanks for posting! Ed Pratt's effort here to trace probably the only other person who could truly understand his trip really paid off; it's an entertaining interview if you've followed his RTW adventure.
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That's so great! Totally fascinating and they seem like a great couple of guys.
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