PDAs & the eye module...
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PDAs & the eye module... Do you have a PDA? What kind? Is it useful? If you have a Handspring, do you have an Eye Module? Would you recommend it? Or would you rather have a regular digital camera? Inquiring minds wanna know...
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Dan Bricklin made some good points about the PDA revolution in his weblog a couple of days ago. The UNIX philosophy of small-scale specialised tools is working its way into hardware now, and to good effect: my Palm and Stowaway/Palm Keyboard are better note-takers than any laptop. We're finally reaching a plateaux where our needs dictate our tools, not the other way round.
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I have a Handspring Visor and I love it. I still have trouble making sure I actually do all the stuff I put into the to-do lists, though ... I want an eyemodule, and ordered one, but there was a glitch in the process @ palmgear, and I haven't re-ordered.
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One thing I wondered when I first saw Dan Bricklin's mention of the Eyemodule was whether you could somehow upload the images to the web in some standard format. It looks like you have to use specialized "conduit" software on a PC or Mac to convert the images to JPG, but they appear to have a Software Development Kit available as well. I just thought it would be neat to take a couple of pictures with the eyemodule, then swap in a springboard modem, and upload directly to a website, e-mail, etc. Instant vacation scrapbook on the internet!
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