State of Grace
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In the video series State of Grace, Grace Baldridge explores the lives of LGBTQ+ people in celebrity-endorsed megachurches, the contemporary Christian music industry, and the reception of trans people in the church.
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As someone who left their conservative protestant sect over issues which really boiled down to queerness, I would urge these people to leave. But, if they are determined, then my hat is off to them for fighting the best fight.
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Thanks for posting this. State of Grace looks very interesting.
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I've watched several of these, and the fact that Grace herself (I can't find her pronouns anywhere, but she has RTed things that use "her") comes from a very religious background AND is queer and married to a woman gives the series a really interesting viewpoint. In one episode, she discusses Christian contemporary music, and not only does she have the experience of growing up being a CCM fan, she's also a musician who writes a song with one of the artists she's interviewing. I am queer but the farthest thing from Christian, and yet I still really appreciate her coverage of these topics. (And if I'm misgendering Grace, please let me know!)
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