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Chanson Profonde. A world-weary yet passionate cat artiste sings from the heart (in French, of course). Cello played by Yo-Yo Ma, piano played by Michael Ford, accordion played by un invité surprise. Brought to you by singer (and animatreuse) Sandra Boynton
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2020 isn’t letting of the gas at all.
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Un foux de fafa, n'est pas?
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Reminiscent of the old Pepe Le Pew cartoons (example, on dailymotion - warning: not at all P.C. in this more enlightened day and age) that featured people speaking a fractured mishmash of French and English - funny-sounding enough in any case, but it's even more amusing if one does have at least a passing familiarity with the language. My favorite is probably "Avec!" (at just under 2 minutes into the above-linked cartoon), which sounds like a good muscular active-sounding verb to English speakers, but just means "with" in French.
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Also: missing a despondent, nonchalantly-wielded cigarette.
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The logistics might be formidable, but I would love to read cold, independently arrived at translations of this by the individual members of a class of high school students at the end of their first year of French.
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I enjoyed that thoroughly. Thank you, Mchelly!
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Love this! Songs in bad French/Franglais are a favourite of mine, since I suspect they sound pretty much like when I try to speak French myself. I am continually getting my grammar corrected by Parisian waiters, when I can get to Paris that is.

Here's another much older example, featuring the late, great Marty Feldman and a nonchalantly-wielded cigarette. In explanation, in the 60s (I said it was old) the label on the HP (brown) sauce bottle was in English on one side and French on the other. It always used to puzzle me even as a child, since surely they didn't think the French would ever buy this quintessentially British condiment.
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Songs in bad French/Franglais are a favourite of mine

The nice thing about this one is that apart from the slight accent, the French was actually perfect, and the translations/captioning most excellent, too. Wonderfully high/low-brow (or -whisker?); thanks for this (and Sandra Boynton's other c.a.t. stuff)!
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Best of the web! Sandra Boynton is a treasure.
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R.S.V.P., by The Monochrome Set, is in a similar vein.
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the HP (brown) sauce bottle
Thank you for that. For as long as I can remember, my dad's been: a) a huge Marty Feldman fan; b) given to breaking out choruses of Cette sauce de haute qualité … with almost no provocation. I'd never known where it came from before.

quidquid latine dictum altum videtur, I guess.
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You mean this Yo-Yo Ma?
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