Street Food Pakistan 🤤
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If you're into more edited videos, there's also Street Food PK.
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اوہ میرے خدا مزیدار
اوہ میرے خدا مزیدار
اوہ میرے خدا مزیدار
اوہ میرے خدا مزیدار
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Whelp, there goes my productivity for the afternoon.
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I love chapli, but I'm not sure I want to watch it being made.
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Went to a (Socially-distanced. No! Really!) cookout a few weeks ago. The host cooked burgers on the grill. So, for the first time in, oh, 30+ years, I ate a hamburger. It was tasty. Not “can’t wait to have another” tasty. Just perfectly edible as a one-off.
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I am going to go watch more of these right now but wanted to mention the kid mandoline-ing (gah!!!) cabbage in the Al Madina Special Egg Burger video, who speeds up a touch when he realizes he's being filmed.
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Loved the Egg Paratha video. I buy these Frozen Malaysian Style parathas, and this looks like a wonderful addon when I cook that.

The usual Anda Paratha that I get from restaurants is the paratha wrap with a maamlette. This way of doing it seems better as the eggs are incorporated as a layer on the paratha itself!!

BTW, if you are in the Chicago area; try Egg-O-Holic on Chicago and Halsted for egg based dishes from the larri food scene in Gujarat. Eggs made in ways that will intrigue and astound you. Try the Lachko with extra Rotis.
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Thorzdad, I’m 67 and I never ate a hamburger
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I lasted 2.5 videos before I had to stop because my stomach growled and I was afraid I'd try to eat my phone.
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You have no right to do this to me at dinnertime. MODS! MODS!
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Thorzdad, I’m 67 and I never ate a hamburger

I read that as 6'7" and for a moment, a very brief moment, I thought huh, so that's the trick
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Thorzdad, I’m 67 and I never ate a hamburger

62 here. Unfortunately, I grew up in a beef-centric family. It took a few years to ween off the stuff.
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Soft like a soft soulful breeze of sugar that I want to cuddle with my mouth and digestive apparatus.

Such soft breads.
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Now I am so hungry! All of those burgers look amazing; I had never heard of bun kabab before but now I really want to try it.
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Dangit I just ate and now want everything.
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Yes, please.
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I watched the first hamburger video. So complex! Then: "Watermelon drink? Sounds pretty simple. Probably not much spectacle there."

I was wrong.
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Soft like a soft
soulful breeze of
that I want to
with my mouth and
digestive apparatus
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These videos always make my mouth water *at the same time* they have the potential to make my health code violation brain go haywire. Early in my career, I cut my teeth on food establishment inspections and, like, in that kalay chanay video, I still feel my blood pressure rise when the dude lays his money right on top of the mass of food that other people will be served.
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I so miss the street food of northern Pakistan.

Years ago, I was there after the 2005 earthquake. We were working in a field hospital in rural Kashmir. To keep us all fed, the NGO we were working with hired a cook, and by all accounts, he was absolutely awful. In particular, the greasy paratha he served for breakfast with eggs sunny side up floated on oil. Two Pashto guys, Abrar and Ishfaq, were mortally offended by this. They talked of it in private as an affront to the Pashto people. They promised me that we'd hit a proper paratha place in Islamabad the day I was to fly out, and I. Would. Love. It.

The British Airways flights left Islamabad for London at 6am, so we made the 4 hour drive from Kashmir the evening before and just stayed up all night. If you go to the right kind of place in Islamabad, there's a few guys standing around what looked like a 55-gallon drum filled with fire. On top was a piece of iron that looked like a giant tawa. Flames licked out from around the edges, and I was sure somebody was going to catch their loose clothes on fire. Parathas skittered around on the plate as if they were made of teflon. I had a ton of good food when we ate out, and the guys would find an excuse to do so a couple of times a week. That paratha place was truly memorable. Crispy, yet soft. The oil added to the flavor, rather than being the grease bomb we had at camp. Combined with a perfect cup of tea, it was one of the simplest yet best meals I had there. Great food with great company.
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