Final meal requests
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Final meal requests. Is the Texas Department of Criminal Justice a bit sadistic or what?
posted by tremendo (18 comments total)
A whole lot of bacon and fried food there. I guess there's one thing to be said about death row: no more worries about cholesterol.
posted by luke at 5:05 PM on May 30, 2000

Too bad no alcohol or tobacco, after one of those meals, I'd sure like to have a beer and a smoke.
posted by inviolable at 5:25 PM on May 30, 2000

1/2 pound of chitterlings, fried chicken (dark meat), 10 slices of bacon, 1 raw onion, fried shrimp, peach cobbler, 1 pitcher of whole milk

Good thing the chair got this one, that meal would kill anyone.
posted by corpse at 5:29 PM on May 30, 2000

Lots of "Double-meat cheeseburgers"

also noted that particular requests seem to come in spates, like the string of requests for 16-oz T Bone steaks.

I think the notation on their records, of "Ex 06-07-99" seems a bit callous...sad that a human's death can't be annotated completely as "Executed 06-07-99".
posted by nomisxid at 5:32 PM on May 30, 2000

Ok! *drooling* I'm hungry now!
posted by FAB4GIRL at 6:28 PM on May 30, 2000

Journalists reporting on the death penalty in Texas would probably ask for this kind of information all the time, and I suspect that's part of why it's there--so the PR people don't have to tell them over and over.

Was that needlessly obvious or pedantic? I hope not. Was my use of the word "pedantic" pedantic? Probably.
posted by Hegemonic at 6:39 PM on May 30, 2000

Now the Web is complete, we can all go home now.
posted by davewiner at 7:31 PM on May 30, 2000

One can't help but notice the propensity of minorities on the list. The demographics of those executed in Texas (and throughout the states for that matter) are alarming. I shudder to think that the Governor of this fine state wants to be our President. God help us all.

Really, this document inflames me so, I'm almost unable to type.

However, lest I be perceived as nothing more than a bleeding heart by those who disagree with my views on the death penalty, I must admit that I noticed one entry that was *almost* funny.

Did you notice that they executed Carlos Santana a while back? See number 55, and note his last meal. How do you suppose he was able to pick up all those grammy awards?
posted by aladfar at 7:53 PM on May 30, 2000

Chef soup with crackers, chili with beans, steamed rice, seasoned pinto beans, corn O=Brien, seasoned mustard greens, hot spiced beets, and iced tea

Sure that guy didn't want Conan O'Brien ? ;-)
posted by FAB4GIRL at 8:20 PM on May 30, 2000

followup to aladfar: I can appreciate your alarm and disappointment with the demographics of these people but to make a connection with a governor of that state I feel is incorrect. The people of the State of Texas voted him in and while he does have certain conservative leanings how can you imply that he is responsible somehow for the murders and rulings that came to be within the demographics shown here? Didn't they each have their day in court? In my African Art Hx class the prof asked us what we thought of Africa. My classmate said it was violent and my moron prof shot back: no more so than Texas. I'd have to disagree. I don't see how being convicted in a court of law and sentenced to death is even remotely connected to gunning down parents in front of their kids and committing hate crimes that eclipse what happens in our country. Still, pretty sick of the TDCJ to post this stuff on the web.
posted by greyscale at 8:29 PM on May 30, 2000

Seeing this link really put my in a somber mood, seeing the humanity in each of these final requests. ...until I started reading the offenses.

Ok, so I'm still mixed in opinion on death for punishment.
posted by jamescblack at 8:30 AM on May 31, 2000

Ok, it says this guy here has or had maroon eyes. huh? LOL! How can you have maroon colored eyes? freaky!
posted by FAB4GIRL at 9:42 AM on May 31, 2000

What a bizarre use of the web. As a Texan, I am not proud of the fact that we execute so many people that they could do a cable channel and have no lack of shows.

I'm torn on the death penalty. I don't know that we should be playing God. BUT, if I caught someone hurting my son - the criminal would be so miserable he would WANT to die.
posted by thinkdink at 12:09 PM on May 31, 2000

"4 Dr. Peppers. Ice on the side."

I love it.
posted by baylink at 5:30 PM on May 31, 2000

Is someone were to kill a family member of mine, I'd undoubtedly want the person to die.

However, we can't base broad public policy on the reaction of an individual to horrible tragedy. Doing so amounts to state sponsored vengence.

In response to greyscale -
The governor is wholly responsible for state executions. Here in Illinois, the system was found to be so corrupt that our governor (a Republican who supports the death penalty) placed an indefinate moratorium on the death sentence. Texas has an inordinate number of executions becuase George W. Bush (and governors before him) allow it to happen.

The bottom line is that these men - who have paid the ultimate price for their crimes - are being put on display by the state of Texas. It's disgusting.
posted by aladfar at 6:37 PM on May 31, 2000

aladfar: I fail to see a problem with making an example of a criminal. Generally it works as an effective deterrent to similar crimes and thereby decreases deaths. i.e. one murder victim, one criminal pays his dues could possibly result in, say, 10 fewer/deterred murders thus 2/12 versus 12/12 or a 80 percent reduction in deaths for my vague example. I don't neccessarily think the State of TX is doing it appropriately but I'm no expert. I just advocate personal responsibility and intentionally taking another person's life (beyond all shadow of a doubt) without the right to do so deserves whatever punishment the law provides. We all have rights and responsibilities and those that violate the rights of others should pay the price. It's good for society to have that order. Seems to make sense to me anyhow.
posted by greyscale at 7:14 PM on May 31, 2000

aladfar: I forgot, sorry, but I fail to understand how the governor is responsible. Are you accusing the State of TX corruption, or do you just blame Bush because he doesn't pardon these people? I don't see how corruption in Illinois relates to Texas. Please explain. And what about Benetton? Do you think they are wrong for profiting from their ad campaign displaying death row inmates? They have more in common with your worldview than Bush or even the State of TX. (If they even are profiting. But that is their ultimate goal: to profit by sharing their worldview and observations of human suffering.) How is that different from showing their last meal? Either way you are getting this slanted picture: doomed criminal without mention of his crime, and other details that spell out the big picture. Both I feel are disrespectful and show a disregard for life.
posted by greyscale at 7:27 PM on May 31, 2000

#157 Delbert Teague, Jr. "None. Last minute he decided to eat a hamburger at his Mother's request."

I can't even begin to imagine what this is about without it hurting somehow.
posted by elgoose at 10:22 PM on May 31, 2000

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