BBC 2 Series Nadiya Bakes
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Nadiya Hussain shares her love of baking with some of her favourite recipes. From everyday treats to indulgent desserts, these are guaranteed to bring a little joy into your life.
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The IMDB page for this show is not up to date (showing as in development) so I can't add this to FanFare, the mods ok'd a post here.
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My wife was utterly addicted to GBBO for a while, and the series with Nadiya was exceptional. Really, the whole show is, with the contestants being helpful to each other, and the fact that Mel and Sue, when a contestant was breaking down from the stress, would go over and curse loudly so the footage would be useless, and the fact the four presenters (even Grumpy Paul) fought for them to not turn it into a dramafest but a show about baking.

And Nadiya’s declaration on winning that she wouldn’t tell herself that she couldn’t do something ever again has led to her career, and that’s all to the good.
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I love Nadiya!

Her other series, Time to Eat, is really good too. Funnily enough, I made a recipe from that this morning - Savory French Toast. It was really good and the toddler polished his off too, so two thumbs up from me.
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Her Instagram feed is so lovely during these pandemic times, too. My GBBO-obsessed kid and I are big fans of all of her work! And her reactions in that Time to Eat episode when she is operating the crane scoop to unload sugar from a barge in the Thames - such a genuine personality right there. That show is like cooking + Mr. Rogers for me.
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A few days I saw her name alongside the words “Mango coconut Victoria sponge” and I clicked on that link faster than a Googlebot.
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We are big fans of Nadiya here - her cookery programmes are fun to watch and she produces food that looks like you would actually enjoy eating it. She comes across as a really nice person.
She also suffers with anxiety and the BBC documentary Nadiya: Anxiety and me is worth a watch for its honesty and bravery.
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>...has led to her career, and that’s all to the good.
She was already a medic and mother -- things which are a calling and require dedication -- so I'm reading this as "clearly is an exceptional person."
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Nadiya is a delight. I found it interesting, after watching the first episode of this series, that it was filmed during the pandemic. And that coconut mango victoria sponge does look beyond awesome.

My favourite of the shows she's done is the Chronicles of Nadiya, where she travels around Bangladesh, first where her family is from (Sylhet) and then travelling to different parts. As she is UK born Bangladeshi her experience with the different parts of the country were very interesting. It is tonally different then her more conventional shows but I think it is worth a look.
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