Bread Recipes and Classes
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Here's your chance to bake bread like a master. The detailed step-by-step instructions include photos to help guide you through each bread recipe, from start to finish. You will find many different kinds of recipes for bread machines, or family classics such as cheese bread and banana bread. I just made some cracked wheat this past weekend. Also includes printable recipe cards. So get baking.

With links to other great cooking and recipe sites.
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The printable idea is pretty good. And the banana bread recipe looks pretty good, though I already like my own. I may have to try it, though, if only to see if "2 teaspoons baking power" gives it that extra zing for my superhero lifestyle.
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Great site! I have the Bread Bible, and had been looking for a bread baking recipe website.
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Sweet! As the son of a baker who has never lived up to his father's trade, I thank you for this.

This makes me want to watch Yakitate!! Japan, which seems to be the best baking-related Japanese animated series ever.
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thanks... I'm searching for a bread machine.... good timing!
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I've been making Cook's Illustrateds' Almost No-Knead Bread, it's simple, tasty and smells yummy, too.
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Fantastic. I love my bread machine. So much so that when I accidentally overloaded the old one and it danced off of the counter, I had to replace it immediately. Not that I mind kneading bread, but being able to come home to pizza dough or wake up to hot bread is unbeatable. Yeast is pretty much my favorite single-cell organism.
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I prefer this bread making video.
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Looking for a sourdough starter? Look no further.
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"Cooking" bread? Shouldn't that be "baking"?
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It doesn't have recipe reviews, unfortunately -- I find them to be useful when I'm looking at's recipes.
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Vig (previously) is seriously weird, but after watching the video, I made the best bread I have ever baked.
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Then there's cockle bread (owing to the theme of two other FPP's)
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"Cooking" bread? Shouldn't that be "baking"?

No, bread is not always baked. For example see the recipe for hushpuppies.
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farishta: I went to Japan 2 years ago and we spent a few days in Kyoto and I went to the bakery that served as the consultant for Yakitate. I've never eaten so much baked good in my life. At a train station, no less. We got weird looks from locals. I don't think you're supposed to eat in public.
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The first time I saw this post, I initially read it as "breed like a master". The second time, "make bread like a bastard".

Maybe it's time I got an eye exam.
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