I don’t know what I expected
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@UnsolicitedDiks posts dik pics.
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I feel somehow like clicking through on the link I actually solicited the dik pics.
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There's a song about this...
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This is the first thing that has tempted me to join Twitter.
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ironically diks are monogamous

you want some antelope action? go to the lecherous lechwes that do lek mating.
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Say goodnight, dik.
this was about as dirty as you got to be on TV in the 60s
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Might as well face it, you're a dikdik to love
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ironically diks are monogamous

Not ironic! What it means to be a dik is distorted by patriarchy.
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In what becomes less of a whimsical story every time I share it, the first time I was in the field (only female, youngest, etc.) my professor gave me one of the walkie talkies and told me to alert the other car every time we saw a dikdik. Everyone giggled every time. There are a lot of dikdiks on the road between Nairobi and Turkana.
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These dik picks. Were they taken in New Zealand?
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Oddly that was EXACTLY what I thought it would be. But I’ve got a zoology degree...
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<3 <3 <3
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I had a job with two Dicks. I know, I know-but wait- Their last names were Wack and Plenus.

Wack worked for Hitachi and Plenus for Intel. They sold us chips and cables. Their names going over the intercom was too much for us high school kids in the basement assembling protocol converters and productivity suffered.

I doubt anything on Metafilter will ever make me remember that again.
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This is the best twitter account
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Years and years ago I was on a first date with a sweet, sheltered, evangelical Christian woman. (I was, at the time, a sweet, evangelical Christian guy--rather than the cynical liberal Christian guy I am now.) We were strolling through the San Antonio Zoo and walked up to get a closer look at an animal I couldn't identify. "What is that? I don't think I've seen one before" I asked. She found the identification sign and started giggling. "What's so funny?" "Oh, it's (giggle)...I just...(tee he)...I think you should look for yourself." The animal was, of course, Kirk's dik-dik.

My first name is Kirk.
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