Genealogist helps lay WWI veteran to rest
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The last chapter in an effort to finally lay the veteran to rest A Redditor and genealogist found an urn containing the ashes of a WWI veteran. Over the course of a month, she figured out who he was and eventually got a military funeral for him. Here are the posts describing her research. On Sept. 15, PVT Lewis Hamilton was laid to rest at Indiantown Gap national Cemetery, half a century after his death.

A group called the Missing In America Project was very helpful in doing the work to get the soldier identified and laid to rest properly.

(I have no affiliation with any of these people: I just think it was a really nice gesture on everyone's part.)
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The flag from the ceremony was presented to the researcher (whose house the urn was found in) because no relatives were present.
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Oh man. This is so sweet.
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A fine thing to do.

(And a rare sign of Americans remembering WWI)
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I don't want this to seem like I'm shitting all over a sweet thing, because I do think this is sweet, but I'd like to see half as much attention given to the potter's graves we're currently filling with covid-19 victims . . .
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aspersionscast, I did share a post about one proposed COVID-19 memorial.
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Reading World War I veteran laid to rest 54 years after his death thanks to Exeter woman

"It was Ayden, 18, of Exeter Township who took Hamilton’s forgotten ashes from a back cupboard shelf to honorable interment in a columbarium at the cemetery....“My grandmother found a box at the back of a cupboard after moving to a home in Mount Penn about 15 years ago,” she said....“I thought, ‘We have to find his family,’ ” she said. “This was someone’s loved one.”"

PFC Lewis Hamilton’s niche can be found at Indiantown Gap National Cemetery in Annville, Pa. Columbarium C, wall 23, niche E 3. His niche cover will say, “Hamilton, Lewis, PFC USA, World War I, 1889 1966, Peace At Last”.

And now I'm trying not to cry at work. 18. Thank you, Ayden. Peace at Last, Pvt. Lewis Hamilton.
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