I said, 'I'm afraid that I need men' / You said, 'Need me, then'.
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The musical equivalent of a restorative, late-night conversation - "'The Baby' is a nod to the singer's nickname amongst her friends and family, and it kicks off with a recording of her Lebanese grandmother singing affectionately to Samia. 'That's probably my favourite moment on the record. I definitely think that the Arabic music my grandmother used to play has influenced my vocal style, like when I just randomly go up an octave on a note.'"
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Thanks for sharing. This will be spinning on the turntable for quite a while if I can get a hold of it. Cheers
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This album is ~really~ nice. Listened to it 3-4 times tonight. Much obliged.
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Oh, cool! I came across Samia's music a couple of years and really enjoyed the four or five tracks she'd released by then, but didn't realize she'd released an album. First on the playlist for tomorrow at work.

Also, props to NME for obliquely mentioning Samia's "actor parents" but leaving out that her mother is Kathy Najimy.
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