And boy, are its wings tired!
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(Parenthetically, "Bar-tailed Godwit" is my Wu-Tang Clan name.)
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Among many incredible details here is the claim that the birds can go without sleep for 11 days. For sure they couldn’t do full REM sleep while in flight, but I would have imagined they might do uni-hemispheric slow wave sleep like various other birds.
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I do not understand how something like this could happen. Ostensibly once a bird figures it out it is repeatable and teachable. But it seems so incredibly unlikely that a bird would just fly a few thousand miles over open ocean with no particular destination in mind and a) find any land at all; the Pacific is big, and islands in the Pacific are not, plus b) find basically the last stop before Antarctica rather than either stopping in Fiji or overshooting and freezing to death. Once again nature is incredible in its diversity.
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Well birds have ways to navigate. And while this bird took the direct route that could be the result of ancestors who started flying over land (via Siberia, Japan, Indonesia, etc.) slowly rubber banding the route century by century as abilities matured until *boom* direct flight.
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11 days is truly staggering, but I already knew about godwits having an amazing migration; this is also remarkable:

Harper, an adult female great blue heron outfitted with a solar-powered GPS unit, has just flown nonstop for 68 hours on her southward migration!

This is a heron flying from Canada to Florida, and instead of going down overland, stopping a few times on the way, it flew for 68 hours over the open ocean.
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flying from Canada to Florida [nonstop] for 68 hours over the open ocean

Is there a return flight? (Asking for an american)
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